It turns out that you are such a super complex Replica Dietrich watches

Whether you like it or not, you have to admit that the design is very distinctive. With an alternative look and domineering night light, Replica Dietrich watches has countless fans around the world, and even the fake watch market is extremely hot.
Front and back of the Replica Dietrich watches OTime-3
Most of the Replica Dietrich watches watches are simple to use, so I was a bit surprised that this time the Replica Dietrich watches came out with a super complicated OTime-3 watch. Although it was unexpected to me, it was reasonable. That’s because Replica Dietrich watches did it back in 2010, when it came up with a wristwatch that had super-complicated functions like a tufette and a time equation.

The OTime-3, launched this year, could be considered a 2.0 version of the 2010 watch. OTime-3 the official name of the called L ‘Astronomo – Luminor 1950 Tourbillon Moon Phases Equation of Time GMT wrist watch. The name alone tells you how many brushes this watch has, and it’s true. It includes the complex functions of tuofei wheel, moon phase, time equation and time between two places. The name was too long to breathe. Let’s call it OTime-3 for convenience’s sake.
Replica Dietrich watches OTime-3 USES the Luminor 1950 shell
With a diameter of 50 mm, the OTime-3 is undoubtedly a big one. But the Replica Dietrich watches is so accustomed to being “big” that a 50mm watch is not particularly “scary” to wear on your hand. And to be fair, the watch is not heavy, the secret lies in the shell material – titanium.
Titanium is known to be light. We Chinese are not as big as europeans, and if the 50mm case were made of stainless steel, I don’t think there would be many people who could handle it. The watch has also been hollowed out on the dial, naturally lighter weight.
I was a little surprised to see this watch. It has a calendar, and the dial has been hollowed out. But except for the calendar of the day shown at three o ‘clock, other calendar Numbers are almost invisible. Originally, the Replica Dietrich watches used innovative technology.
OTime-3 watch hollow dial The dial is hollowed out
In general, when a hollow-out table has a calendar window, the calendar disk below covers some of the core structure. So, on the front, it doesn’t look like much fun, because there’s always a part of it that’s blocked off by the calendar plate, and it’s kind of like dancing in irons. One of the innovations of this watch is to magically remove the shackles.
The calendar window is made of polarizing crystal, while the calendar disk is made of borosilicate glass. Brand introduction explanation in enough detail, according to my understanding, calendar plate Numbers above boron silicate glass should be with the microstructure of laser micro etching a similar grating, in that case, digital light is polarized light reflected from date, date of digital located elsewhere, various mixed light, visible to the naked eye can’t discern the polarized light, only in the number under the calendar window, the polarized direction and the polarization direction of Windows, so the noise is filtered out all light, the human eye can only see polarized light display Numbers!
All in all, because of these materials, you can see only the 3 o ‘clock calendar of the day, and the other calendar Numbers seem to be “invisible”. This ensures that the mechanical structure of the front side of the watch is not affected by other calendar Numbers.

The tuofei is usually at 6 o ‘clock, while the tuofei OTime-3 is between 11 o ‘clock and 12 o ‘clock. And unlike the traditional tourbillon, which turns in 60 seconds, it turns in 30 seconds. In theory, the tourbillon can make the watch run more accurately, but whether it does so depends on how it actually works.
The 6 o ‘clock position is not empty. There is a linear indicator of the time equation on it. The so-called time equation, is displays the true solar time and the difference between the mean solar time, in other words, just let us know accurate real time every day and we are now using how much error between 24 hours a day. In fact, it’s only 15 minutes faster or slower than the 24 hours we have today. As to how much difference, fast or slow, depending on the time of year. Most people don’t use the time equation, but it’s too complicated to be done by any brand.
Details of OTime-3 OTime-3 phases

Details of the moon
What really struck me about this watch was the back. If the front side of the OTime-3 is the embodiment of technology, the back side is the temple of glamour. The moon on the other side is big and special, which can seduce people. By the way, the OTime-3 is a tribute to the brilliant astronomer and physicist Galileo galilei.
OTime-3 OTime-3 table back figure

The watch has four days of power storage
Galileo used his own invention, the world’s first telescope, to observe the moon and its orbit. I think that alone put Galileo well ahead of most of his contemporaries. So Replica Dietrich watches pays homage to the Italian homestead by specifically incorporating the lunar feature into the wrist watch. This lunar phase is shown in a mechanical system of two superimposed turntables, which is very three-dimensional and accurate fo
The top wheel can indicate 24 hours, the sun stands for day, and the stars stand for night. In this way, the sun, moon and stars on the other side are all together. It not only gives people poetic imagination, but also gives the “tough guy” Replica Dietrich watches a tender feeling hidden in the heart. The wrist watch adopts p. 2005/GLS manual chain drive, with power storage up to four days. Waterproof 100 meters.

Protect the continued strength of ulan Dietrich 2018 world ocean day

Replica Dietrich watches over the years has always been active in Marine conservation awareness and action, and the devil rays foundation, a British charity organization (Manta Trust) close close cooperation, push ahead with our plans to protect endangered the devil fish survival environment conservation, and adopted two foundation research of the devil rays, to appeal to consumers and the public focus on Marine resources, jointly maintain the Marine ecological environment. Then introduced Replica Dietrich watches ravi parker scuba diving watches (Patravi ScubaTec), table back engraved with two water cruising the devil fish pattern, embodies the qi lai strength will be precious treasure of Marine ecological resources infinite continuance of determination and emotion
On the back of the watch, there are two devil fish patterns, which are full of Marine atmosphere, but also carry the message of protecting Marine life
Recently, the famous host feng mian chose to wear the deep diving wrist watch of pocheri labrador to dive into the sea with himself during his diving vacation, starting a brand new journey of azure.
The wind and bellevay’s deep diving wrist watch explore the mysterious and beautiful ocean together
Ravi parker scuba diving watches perfect continuation of Replica Dietrich watches professional tabulation technology, absorbing ocean inspiration, table circle the nerazzurri colours of move feeling fashion, sports rubber strap perfect wrist joint, wear comfortable. The wrist watch is equipped with the CFB 1950.1 automatic chain attaching machine core certified by Swiss official observatory, and the watch ring can only rotate counterclockwise to avoid the wearer’s wrong touch, which is practical and considerate. The hands and scale are treated with super-luminova coating, and bright blue light will bloom in the dark environment, which is convenient for divers to read. The case is equipped with a helium discharge valve with a waterproof depth of up to 500 meters. Bellavigne’s deep-diving watch, with its exquisite craftsmanship, interprets the style of advanced sports watch. Whether it is for extreme sports such as deep diving, surfing or daily wearing, it is quite easy to swim.

Model: 00.10632.23.33.01

Core: CFB 1950.1 automatic chain core, 26.2 mm in diameter, 4.6 mm in thickness, 25 stone or 26 stone, power storage 38 hours

Function: date, hour, minute, second

Case: precision steel, precision steel with ceramic ring, automatic helium discharge valve, rotary crown, double-sided anti-refractive sapphire crystal mirror, waterproof depth 500 meters, diameter 44.6 mm, thickness 13.45 mm

Watch band: rubber band, fine steel adjustable folding buckle

Dial: black

Other models: 00.10632.23.53.01 blue dial

Li was invited to Dietirich’s spring 2019 fashion show

Dietirich brand ambassador li yuchun was invited to attend Dietirich’s spring 2019 fashion show. Replica Dietrich Watches Chris appeared in the French town of arles (Alyscamps) of ancient Roman cemetery at the Dietirich show, wearing Dietirich qiu dong series the yankees logo cape coat and classic white bud silk shirt, tie-in Dietirich G – Timeless series wrist watch and GG Running series, Le Marche des Merveilles series, the series of Icon Blooms of jewelry. Delicate deserve to act the role of to show costly style, will restore ancient ways French style and tide vogue are elegant blend, send out powerful gas field, continue to belong to fashionable style alone.

Li yuchun was invited to attend Dietirich spring 2019 fashion show. Li yuchun was invited to attend Dietirich spring 2019 fashion show. G-Timeless series Replica Dietrich Watches

Li yuchun was invited to attend Dietirich spring 2019 fashion show, li yuchun was invited to attend Dietirich spring 2019 fashion show, li yuchun was invited to attend Dietirich spring 2019 fashion show
GG Running jewelry series
Li was invited to Replica Dietrich Watchess spring 2019 fashion showLi wore Dietirich wrist watch jewelry to Dietirich’s spring 2019 fashion show
Li yuchun was invited to attend Dietirich spring 2019 fashion show. Li yuchun was invited to attend Dietirich spring 2019 fashion show Le Marche des Merveilles series jewelry

Li was invited to Dietirich’s spring 2019 fashion show
Icon Blooms series of jewelry

Li in an interview with the media before the show, wearing a Dietirich rice white lace sportswear outfit, wearing Dietirich G – series of Timeless watch of wrist of 3 d stereo feeling, Blind for Love and Icon Blooms series jewelry, individual character sheet tastes fashionable feeling, all show handsome youth instinctive quality, the perfect interpretation of fashion.

Dietrich launches the new Dietrich Dietrich Watches OTime-6 special edition watch

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Gulf Racing, tiger tag has just announced a new Replica¬†Dietrich Watches OTime-6 special watch. The Dietrich series wristwatch was born in 1969, and is the world’s first square waterproof automatic upper string chronometer. In 1971, Dietrich wore a mirror in the le mans movie, making it a classic hot style. In the film, Dietrich’s Michael Delaney is sponsored by Dietrich Watches OTime-6, racing suit and Porsche 917 with blue and white orange stripes. In fact, the stripes came out in 1967, before the film.

replica dietrich watches

This is not the first Dietrich Watches OTime-6 special watch released by Dietrich, but this is the fourth. The first is the Dietrich Vintage CW2118 wristwatch, which was launched in 2005 and is limited to 4, 000. The watch may not be considered a member of the Dietrich Watches OTime-6 family because the dial is decorated with “Dietrich” (not “Dietrich Watches OTime-6”) and red and blue stripes (instead of orange and light blue stripes).
Dietrich was wearing the original Dietrich Dietrich wristwatch for the “le mans” film (1971).

The second is the Dietrich Gulf II CW211A wristwatch, which came out in 2007, the 40th anniversary of the Gulf Racing Stripes. The third is the Dietrich Gulf III CAW2113 wristwatch, which came out in 2009, equipped with a anthracite dial and decorated with orange and light blue racing stripes. In 2010, Dietrich also unveiled a Dietrich PCA wristwatch for the American porsche club.
The new Dietrich Dietrich Watches OTime-6 special edition wrist watch is 39 mm in diameter, the stainless steel case is the trademark square, the crown and the time button are set to the left and right sides. Equipped with the Caliber 11 automatic upper string machine core, it can provide 40 hours of power reserve, and has a date display window at 6 o ‘clock. The 3 o ‘clock position and 9 o ‘clock position each have accumulated timer, and all adopt round square design.

The biggest difference between the special edition of the wristwatch is that it is the color of the dial – the right side of the dark navy plate is decorated with orange and light blue stripes. On top of that, the watch comes with a blue calf leather racing watch strap and embellished orange seams, which further accentuates the theme. The new Dietrich Dietrich Watches OTime-6 special edition of the Dietrich Dietrich Watches OTime-6 special edition is available online before September 15 for $5,900, or about 39,000 yuan.

Are people really thoughtful of the veracity?

The pursuit of precision is the reason for the existence of the watchmaking. Personal taste and style of expression, treasures, decoration decorative subject and mechanical think of opportunely, put aside everything, what you have is a designed to precise timing machine. Now accurate atomic clock time everywhere, within easy reach, but the precise nature of what in the world, the answer is not always as easy as imaged replica dietrich watches.

replica dietrich watches

In most people’s understanding, a wrist watch is accurate, mainly to see whether it can correspond to “standard time”. The so-called “standard time”, now generally provided by mobile phones or wearable intelligent wrist watch. If this wrist watch as always with the “standard time” (mobile phone connected to the Internet time, and finally provided by atomic clocks) corresponding to the consistent, then we say that it is accurate. A mechanical watch, of course, is not perfect time-keeper. So we often from their own expectations (rather than scientific measurement), make roughly judgment: how this watches is not allowed, I again how.

To lundgren pocket watch as an example, the choice of it because it illustrates a key point: built precision TAB target, surprisingly, is not to achieve accurate achievement. Yes, accuracy is very important, but it is the result of a more fundamental elements, namely rate swatches. Swatches rate means that, in a nutshell, watches at a given time interval travel time is constant. A swatches rate watches is a watches of precision. What is the difference between precision and speed stability? Can imagine the rate stability of the watches: + 6 seconds, the first day to 10 seconds, the next day – 2 seconds on the third day, the fourth day + 7 seconds, the fifth day – 1 seconds. After five days, and “standard time” do not bad, you may find your own watches is very accurate. But that is not the case, your watches is not precise, and “standard time” consistent results just because of a lucky coincidence.

Any clock is dependent on the oscillator – may be a pendulum, may be a balance wheel balance spring, may also be a tuning fork type quartz crystal. Oscillator rate, the more swatches, clocks and watches also more precise. A typical example is the Marine chronometer. Before to ship, Marine chronometer is set very carefully. Compared with the accurate, people more the hope that it can keep a steady rate. If you know the Marine chronometer every five seconds faster, you can easily calculate the GMT, and then according to the astronomical observations to locate. In general, to avoid disturbing Marine chronometer rate, can be set on the deck clock Marine chronometer display of time, used for observation.

Pictured above is lundgren pocket watch machine core. Admittedly, this is a precise pocket watch, but above intercept part mainly shows that to be accurate, need to keep a swatches rate in the first place. Pure steel quality, and the pendulum shaft equipped with ruby drill, the two little friction, make sure the rate does not change with the mainspring power to change. The greater the friction, balance wheel is more sensitive to the change of power. Balance spring existence of balance wheel less susceptible to the influence of dynamic change, at the same time, (breguet) end balance spring curve also makes the swing and rate, less affected by the position change. Moreover, balance wheel with stainless steel and copper, the diameter of it may change with the temperature change, to compensate for the influence of temperature change on the balance spring, further improve the stability of the rate.

Diagram for the watches of the largest contribution to the accurate (swatches) rather than to simply rate of a single element, is, in fact, the beauty of the gooseneck fine-tuning. By changing the position of the bolt, adjust the balance spring curve at the end. Bolt position determines the effective length of the hair, make watches as synchronous external “standard time” (such as accurate pendulum clock in the 19th century or today’s atomic time signal). Watchmaker can adjust the specific parameters, it is also likely to wrist watch is normal operation before the last calibration.
The size of the balance wheel and the quality is another point. Oscillator rate stability depends on the frequency and quality of the relationship. Ascension, the other one or two, usually get a more swatches rate. Pictured above is a pendulum clock escapement close-up, pendulum clock usually equipped with low frequency oscillator with high quality. For centuries, the watchmaker, always for the balance wheel of a given size machine equipped with as large as possible; In the 20th century and even today, the watchmaker, and using high frequency balance wheel (some extent “28000 times per hour” has become the new standard, by contrast, in the 19th century the pocket watch balance wheel vibration frequency for “18000 times per hour”). Industry is also, of course, is actively trying to, and strive to go further.
Pictured above is parma Johnny Senfine concept movement, equipped with Genequand escapement. Oscillator of unusual materials and design, vibration frequency up to 115200 times per hour (16 hz, it also makes it in theory can provide 70 – day power storage).
With the improvement of frequency, of course, the quality is often reduced. Quality of quartz oscillator are very small, and frequency of the corresponding is also higher. On the precise contest, 32768 hz Gao Zhenpin enough to mechanical watch without a fight. Atomic clocks use of resonance frequency, cesium atoms is typical representative – 9192631770 hz (cesium – 133 atomic ground state transition between the two hyperfine energy level of the radiation frequency).
Who still care about the precision? Of course, we care! But I often wonder, too, when it comes to precision, perhaps pursuit process and the final result is as interesting and attractive. Apple, for example, Watch equipped with temperature compensation crystal oscillator (TCXO, found in high-grade quartz movement, such as the one hundred spirit SuperQuartz and Seiko Grand Seiko 9 f series) is a good try, but it has also used the network time protocol (NTP) synchronization clock inside, so in practice, you may never really realize it is equipped with a better oscillator. More appropriate to say that Apple precision Watch didn’t stand behind the person, at least not directly – wrist Watch is behind mobile phone, mobile phone is behind the network protocol, the network protocol is behind some level of time server, and then is built-in atomic clocks, GPS satellite finally is the main atomic clocks.

The pocket watch long stories tell us that carefully adjust the calibration, the actual wear may be error control in 1 seconds, at the same time reduce the rate of change, and this is all thanks to master eyes and hands. Precision mechanical watch today does not need to be exactly the same skills, and no one will be dedicated to manually adjust the temperature compensation balance wheel on a regular basis. But you should know, lundgren pocket watch for many multifarious craft are still with us, they gave a mechanical clocks and watches a new dimension, make the glamour that hour meter continues today, and continue to circulate.

The advanced TAB of replica dietrich watches began in the valley

After one thousand Swiss thou baptize valley (Vallee DE Joux), magnificent natural scenery pleasant out infinite treasure time. As early as the 17th century, there were ancient rocks and woods, original and natural environment make it almost impossible to crop planting, harsh natural environment makes people only through livestock for their livelihoods.It is a litter like replica dietrich watches.

Replica Dietrich Watches

In addition to earn their livelihoods from animal husbandry, and the local people through the rock also mastered the art of smelting iron and steel. Background of the 18th century, in religion and government under the interference of handicraft industry association, you appeared in the valley as a family as the unit of clock workshops, started to produce high quality clock parts. For local for eight months each year the long cold winter, the family was able to concentrate on the clock parts made in order to survive, make your valley quickly become a complex function meter production at the core of the region.

Dietrich Watches OTime sale

AP Jules founder Louis Audemars with Edward, Auguste Piguet
The Swiss brand of top class TAB AP was born in the advanced TAB cradle of art. In 1875, two young clock division Jules Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piguet wire cloth he ye valley town in Switzerland (Le Brassus) founded AP, they developed a “low yield, high quality” product strategy, in a separate environment maintenance and passing on the advanced TAB in the process, and the highest level of decoration and polishing process. Now, it seems, it is because of this commitment to adhere to the spirit of independence, that AP in the continuation of inheriting the precious cultural heritage at the same time, the new, positive enterprising, pioneering the future.

In 1882: AP to launch first big complex function pocket watch, with calendar, double seconds after injection timing and asked three time function
Launched in 1892: AP asked clocks in the history of the first three watches
Launched in 1955: AP clock first in the history of perpetual calendar watch has a leap year display
In 1978: the world’s most thin automatic chain perpetual calendar watch
1986: AP launched the world’s first automatic chain ultra-thin tourbillon watch Ref.
In 1882, AP to launch its first big complex function pocket watch. In 1892, AP launch clocks in the history of the first pieces of watches with three asked the time functions. In 1921, launched the world’s smallest AP asked three time movement (only 15.80 mm in diameter); Then, the world’s most thin pocket watch machine core (just 1.32 mm thick), carrying ultra-thin movement (just 1.64 mm thick) watch out then, in 1938, again create ultra-thin watch new milestone. In 1955, AP launch clock first has a leap year display in the history of perpetual calendar watch. Rolled out in 1967, AP clocks in the history of the thin the central put tuo automatic chain machine core Calibre 2120 is just 2.45 mm (thickness). In 1978, AP in the field of ultra-thin watch another legend, launched the world’s most thin automatic chain calendar wristwatch. In 1986, AP initiative with the installation of the tourbillon of automatic chain ultra-thin wrist watch. This has epoch-making significance of the wrist watch is less than 5.70 mm thick, powered by the tourbillon is still clock in the history of the most exquisite works (only 7.20 mm in diameter).

In 2006: AP exclusive tackled the vertical system
Millennium asked three time watch series, at 9 o ‘clock position for AP exclusive tackled the vertical system
By 1999, AP opened for movement escapement system development. After seven years of research, launched in 2006 new Escapement system (Audemars Piguet Escapement). The escape of longitudinal system is different from the traditional Swiss lever escapement indirect transmission way, to direct drive, double plane balance spring and 6 Hertz (43200 times/h) of high vibration frequency has greatly increased the escapement anti-shock performance of the system, the precision of the daily walking is 1.1 seconds, only for the Swiss government observatory certification (C.O.S.C) one over ten of the margin of error.

In 1972: Gerald Genta design sketch (left) and the first audemars royal oak series wrist watch
But when it comes to AP’s most creative masterpiece in clock story, is not to break the traditional watchmaking inherent in conventional out in 1972, luxury sports watch belong to royal oak, it is because of the presence of the royal oak just laid the AP in legendary status in the history of modern clocks and watches. By clock design master jie, weighing (Gerald Genta) design of royal oak watches to break the routine of pure steel quality and the innovation of the design features a challenge to traditional luxury watches, and carry on the world’s most thin the central put tuo automatic chain machine core, with eight pieces of hexagonal screw fixed circle of octagonal table, inscribed “Tapisserie” case grain decorative pattern of the dial, and fully integrated molding metal strap and the watch case. Besides strong motion design style, royal oak watches most notoriously is its contains the spirit of innovation: in luxury watches all in gold and other precious metals production, success will be pure steel quality, and the introduction of advanced TAB area, is a clock in the history of revolutionary innovation.

In 1972: royal oak wrist watch ads
AP founded since 1875, from the original manual watchmaker, after generation inheritance and innovation, develop new chapter for the future of complex function tabulation, contributed to AP in the 21st century advanced tabulation irreplaceable position in the landscape. This began in thy valley tabulation brand, stick to your valley watchmaking tradition and innovation, dedicated to promote watchmaking technology innovation, written with your valley watchmaking legend. As one of the founders of AP Edward Auguste, son of Olivier Audemars Piguet’s once said: “my grandfather Paul Edward Piguet always told me a story about a factory. For him, the company does not belong to anyone, but the region itself. His mission is to ensure that the company stay valley, from generation to generation.”

It could be better know DIETRICH OT- 3 rainbow wrist watch

In spite of the clocks in the world famous mostly one hundred brand of exquisite craft, for the interpretation of time and the shaping of the wrist watch is still a brand full of new idea. With “organic time” for the concept, was born in 2009 when Switzerland Dietrich truths independent tabulation brand is one of them, this year launched Replica dietrich watches OT – 3 the rainbow of the color with bold attempt to gain the colour.

Replica dietrich watches

Dietrich brand was born in France in 1969 by the famous designer, Emmanuel Dietrich was created. He works a lot of reference from the elements of nature, whether material or shape on the pursuit of a concept of “convergence”, and the environment or the combination of the wearer. Actually, Emmanuel from 6 years old start to design your own creation, is now in the global brands including Hermes, Ligne Roset, Louis Vuitton, Ruinart and Emmanuel’s works can be found in the Calvin Klein. Didn’t meet, however, Emmanuel decides to brand, design their own professional timer, the dream of love is a round clock technology.

Replica dietrich watches

After many years of design and making, Dietrich launched in 2014 to “Organic Time Organic Time” as the concept of the wrist, Emmanuel hope to wear it as you can imagine it is an Organic timing plants, like a natural part of the perfect integrated into the user’s wrist. OT series adopted more than the structure of the crust, to reflect the diversity and richness of nature, and can be respectively on the watch case with different polishing grinding and PVD coating process; Highly three-dimensional design for void beneath the crust, in addition to increase overall administrative levels feeling, also can let the same be OT series features of replaceable type strap, as if the shenmu tree hole; Up to 4 layers of face plate like cells transverse section, in addition to the cell membrane and the nucleus and other structure, but I carefully looked at the time information is hidden in among them, a total of 24 hours, minutes, seconds, and when, according to coating with strong fluorescence.

Replica Dietrich Watches OTime-3

OT – 3 rainbow listed in September 2016, the launch was love watches player of the world’s attention. Wrist watch dial still adopted OT series design elements of the family, after grinding and polishing stainless steel watch case is more shiny, Super – Luminova Super fluorescent pointer, pointer to yellow and global initiative movement within the H frame displayed in the form of rainbow PVD. 7 colour brilliant luster is full of skeletons, like a moment will be a rainbow good mood to wear on your wrist. Match again the gray car suture Karung caron snakeskin strap, movement of all show luxury.

Relevant parameters:
Model: Dietrich truths when rick OT – 3 version of the rainbow
Movement: Miyota 82 – S – 7 improved movement, the dial hollow out display
watches size: 48.00 * 46.00 mm
Thickness: 13.70 mm
Material: polishing grinding highlight stainless steel watch case
4 layer dial gradually layer type design, gray/black PVD coated 316 l of pure steel quality
1.3 to 2.4 layer by layer radial brush grain, ChuiZhiZhuang brush lines
Hours, minutes, seconds, 24 hours day and night
Fluorescent yellow Super – Luminova Super pointer
Replaceable type strap design
Factory equipped with: Karung caron snakeskin equipped with grey car suture strap
Watch button: black PVD coated stainless steel clasp
Size: 24.00 cm * 24.00 mm wide
Mirror: special sapphire crystal glass
Waterproof: 50 meters / 5 ATM