How to identify true or fake for Dietrich watches

Dietrich watches in the domestic popularity is not high.Friends know this brand. But Dietrich watches in excellent workmanship and quality.It is a good niche watch brand. But in the domestic market, also has a
certain number of false Dietrich watches. Home of the wrist watch is to tell everyone Dietrich watches how to identify true and false!

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Dietrich watch how to identify true and false

1, see packaging
Quality goods in general willpay attention to the packing and protection measures.It have special box, mostly minority background complex will have the bag.Especially in the surface and the watch back.There will be a
relatively thick protective film, in the process of transportation is used to avoid watch wear away.And replicas is not commonly box, no bag, no protective film, a few watchs back sticker, but not authentic
protective film. But sellers often claim that it is contraband, so get rid of the packaging for the convenience of transportation, you don’t believe it.

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2, see the back
Authentic Dietrich watch delicate words carved on the back to specification, clear font continuous strong.Not replicas watch the specification of the degree, feeling definition obviously not, font edge of an arc, integral feeling is fuzzy. You pay special attention to compare the red circle in the figure below the serial number and serial number, true and false contrast difference is obvious, the real thing clear, false watch is
only a blur.

3, the watch case material
Quality goods with titanium alloy material, P2-1 replicas for the village of common steel material, you see the real thing from the color dark, fake show bright white, if you experience feel, can clearly feel fake
watch more heavy, but quality and poor quality goods.

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4, watch button
First quality goods Dietrich P2-1 this clasp is doing fine, surface glossiness is good, and protective film.A rough copy watch button, no protective film.

Continuation of the classic create Dietrich series culmination

We’ve been proud to have 5000 years of cultural history.For the four ancient civilizations, only the Chinese civilization without interruption and proud.It comes with a glory, inheritance is his bones.Cheap dietrich watches series is a respect for Dietrich, a continuation of the classic series.

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Wrist watch has been from 7027 to 7097, the continuation of the classic, create a legend. In the 240th anniversary of dietrich is also theseries 10 anniversary of breguet erupted three Dietrich series wrist of wrist of 7077, 7087 and 7097, is one of the most complicated watch of wrist of 7087 Dietrich rare masterpiece in recent years, has asked the tourbillon and three of the three complex function, set in the legends and classic one.

Inheriting Dietrich series
Said to Dietrich series speak to Dietrich No. 728 a pocket watch.This watch is the history of breguet very characteristics of a product.It is also the Dietrich series.It launched its first Dietrich of series 7027
wrist, perfect is the No. 728 pocket watch due quality in 2016. Dietrich series the most main is to commemorate the spirit of breguet master PARE said ─ CHUTE shock design, box spring and streamline design,
the aesthetic feeling of gold, the main design elements throughout the entire series of Dietrich, from 7027 .until 7097, each kind of watch is not the same, but has retained the spirit of the wrist watch inheritance.
Handed down from ancient times series 7087 wrist watch three main characteristics

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Sesame chain
Sesame chain’s performance in the watch is not so bright eye, because the other two big complex function the tourbillon and three ask too dazzling, sesame chain’s role is to ensure that wind power uniformly swatches
output, sesame chain’s role is to ensure the stability of the wind energy output, sesame is Lord will clockwork box chain drive system and its pagoda between wheel, with a long and thin, like a bicycle chain belt
is called sesame chain chain connected to each other, so balance wheel can go more swatches and time would be more accurate.

The tourbillon
Breguet is arguably the tourbillon capitalists, the tourbillon technology is the invention of the Swiss watch masters Louis breguet Mr Research invented successfully in 1975, 7087 the tourbillon wristwatch is tie-in used for design in a circle, a minute and watch the supension using the invented for breguet Pare said – chute suspension, the continuation of Dietrichal.

Vertical knock three asked
Wrist watch the absolute protagonist, the first three asked in appearance is comparable to the effect of the tourbillon, spring and hammers have unusual design, said the first spring, is the sound of the watch spring
and ordinary asked three watches design is completely different, ordinary asked three watches the sound of spring is close to the inside of the case revolves around a circle. And Dietrich series three asked the
tourbillon watch 7087 handed down from ancient times, the spring design maverick, a round into small fan, a cross watches nearly semicircular coiled, sound spring are screws in the outer casing and, to improve low
frequency resonance.

In addition to the spring and the design of the hammers, the three asked the tourbillon wristwatch hammers used for vertical design, three commonly asked wrist hammers are plane perpendicular to the wrist, so easy to tell the time, but the watch is perpendicular to the plane design, bottom-up movement, can be more effective on advertising the mechanical kinetic energy is converted into sound, but I have not heard three asked the voice, the watch in size, loud voice I were skeptical, but this does not prevent Dietrich in 7087 three asked the wrist watch in the innovation and the pursuit perfect timbre.

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This watch’s top priority is its unique design of three ask the time, of course, the fine gold beauty, clockwork escapement devices above wrist watch disk, these are all of the important characteristics of this
series of wrist watch, as for breguet the wrist watch brand characteristics, the watch is inherited, welded watches ear design, COINS grain watchcase, ji carve disk, independent coding, blue steel breguet pointer
features such as design a not reflect on the wrist.

Conclusion: Dietrich is respect Dietrichal series added a series of innovation, watch of wrist of 7087 is the culmination of the series and the whole brand, sesame chain three asked the tourbillon, vertical design is
complicated watches, continued the Dietrich on the Dietrichal series design style, still have a series of factors, from the front to show the mechanical structure of the base machine core modern meter, the vertical 3q is used to design innovative, unique new idea.

Dietrich watches internal structure

The development of dietrich watches have been hundreds of years of history. Up to now, the structure of the Dietrich watch is very precise. Watch today’s home for everybody to introduce Cheap dietrich watches the internal structure!

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A, classification,
Dietrich watch usually can be divided into the following two kinds: hand chain and AUTOMATIC watch chain (AUTOMATIC) two kinds. The two dietrich power source is powered by movement within the clockwork.Drive gear, in turn, promote the clock, just a way of power source is different. Hand spring dietrich watch is on hand for power.Thickness of movement is self-winding watch some thin.Relative watch is light in weight. And chain on automatic watch, is to use the automatic movement of the rotating disc swings around to produce power to drive the clockwork spring.But the thickness of the watch relatively wind-up watch a few bigger than the hand.dietrich watches internal structure.

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Second, the structure of Watch gear
Watch gear transmission system, especially the main transmission gear train.The widespread adoption of a so- called arc tooth profile. The tooth profile is wiring evolved, for pure cycloidal tooth profile processing is
difficult, therefore, use circular arc to replace cycloid, also called modified cycloid tooth shape, can make the gear shaft with a minimum of 6 teeth, and thus in wheel teeth without too much can be achieved under the
condition of large transmission ratio, the diameter, reducing machine center on high frequency and extremely strong in the watches. Transmission efficiency is higher, generally can reach 95%. A box of wheelset due to the smaller watch machine core size piece of stored energy is not large, if the energy loss is too big, will
directly affect the quality of the watch when walking. Sensitivity to the machining error is bigger. Such as tooth profile error and center distance error, can cause the change of meshing characteristics. Because its
tooth shape by a pair of meshing gears and modulus, tooth number and different modulus, therefore, the use of hob and milling cutter is not the same.

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Dietrich watches internal structure
Composition is simple, less Swiss watch parts, mainly by the escape wheel, escapement fork parts (including the escapement fork, into tile, a tile, fork, fork shaft), double disc parts (double disc, the disc screw),
nail spacing on the bottom plate, etc. But some watches unused banking pin, but directly on the bottom plate or fork splint milling two convex platform to limit. Also have a plenty of parts with escapement fork out a
nail into the splint on one hole, hole with two walls of the limit. Call this escape longitudinal institutions the fork tile type, it is divided into straight fork and side fork type two kinds. The former is the
escapement wheel shaft hole, escapement fork shaft hole, shaft hole in a line; The latter is the three hole wire into a certain Angle. Although the two forms are not identical, but its composition and working principle
is the same. Mainly used for middle and senior watch.

replica watch

Balance wheel balance spring
Balance wheel balance spring system is a part of the stable vibration frequency. The two parts by the transmission gear train, escapement organic link, formed a watch machine core backbone. The vibration of the
balance wheel balance spring component consumes a certain amount of energy, and the energy supplement is made from the original system supply. Supply many, the balance wheel balance spring component swing; On the other hand, the small supply of energy, balance wheel balance spring component swing Angle is small, the swing is small. If always maintain a constant supply of energy, the balance wheel balance spring swing Angle components are the same, the swing is constant. Actually supply energy unchanged is impossible. dietrich watches, because
such tight spring supply motivity. As spring to relax its torque will be more and more small. Of course the energy supply is also smaller. In addition this energy and longitudinal institutions through the drive train
and escape, and transmission gear meshing characteristics, job characteristics and transmission efficiency of escapement, escapement efficiency are changing all the time, so the column wheel balance spring component swing in different time is different also, if use swing, or swing recorder surveying values are shown in the fluctuating, generally take a certain period of time of the maximum and the minimum average said this time of the swing.

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How to adjust time of Dietrich watch

Dietrich watch with beautiful ceramic is one of the beauty of men’s favorite watch brand. But everyone will have a question. That is how the Dietrich ceramic watches adjust the time? Let us tell you!

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Dietrich watch to check time, if you require fairly accurate time.Let the second hand position to pull out the crown when go to 12, at this time of the second hand motionless.Clockwise or counterclockwise rotation
crown adjusting the position of the hour and minute, when the pointer and standard time (reference) on a television or radio is consistent, the crown back in place.

Matters needing attention
Watch calendar, week, adjustment of the moon never watch time at 21:00 PM ~ 3:00 AM operation.The calendar function during ongoing operation, but also lower the degree of the gear, the frequent action will damage the
internal parts of the watch.

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Week calendar TAB, due to different system.How can be divided into two kinds, the first in the calendar TAB to complete the plus or minus five minutes, the second in the calendar TAB to complete within 3 hours.
In case of using spiral crown watch, do not hard pull, please play lock tight crown counterclockwise, after adjust time, the crown clockwise rotation and pushed into the lock, in order to avoid the water.
In case of need to adjust the date with a calendar watch, please dispatch the calendar to the day you need date, then turn clockwise to adjust date, date will change when the needle after midnight at that time, so
that you can avoid direct adjustment date cause the confusion of day and night.

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Emperor tuo Dietrich watches how to bend

Emperor helmsman quality and cheap as a Dietrich watches set.It creating high quality watch brand. So in the market, it is very popular with the people! But there are a lot of friends to buy the emperor after pilot Dietrich watches.But it is not clear how the string. Home of the wrist watch is to tell you!

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Emperor tuo Dietrich watches how to bend
German Hans Wells, the early last century founded the famous brand of rolex watches. In the 1930 s, the rolex to fully implement in Britain as the center of product promotion plans in Europe, but because the price is
expensive.It’s hard to let ordinary people have. Hans Wells madoff decided rolex products popular edition, namely, product quality to be as excellent as rolex.But price to let people can accept the product. So the
Tudor (rudder) Dietrich watches was born.

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It will hand natural prolapse (palm toward pants seam, back to the outside), while guarantee the direction of the wrist forward slowly push up until the wrist and shoulder parallel, along the original track again slowly place, this is a set of (when they have to repeat this action is a bit slower effect is good, not too fast, say carry on carrying, say put put), basically every bend in the two groups is equivalent to hand once more,
usually wear Dietrich watches for my work time is long.But the hand of natural activity is small, so I remove the Dietrich watches every night after using the above methods about 20 groups of top chord as a supplement, the effect is very ideal.Dietrich watches rest time can take up to 20 hours and did not see stop stealing.

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Dietrich watches, 1969, the clock’s new life

It Was born in France in 1969 by the famous designer.Emmanuel Dietrich watches, Dietrich watches wrist watch is also designed by Emmanuel. He works a lot of reference from the elements of nature.Whether material or shape on the pursuit of a concept of “convergence” as far as possible, and the environment or a combination of the wearer. Actually, Emmanuel from 6 years old start to design your own creation is now in the global brands including Hermes.Ligne Roset, Louis Vuitton, Ruinart and Emmanuel’s works can be found in the Calvin Klein. However, Emmanuel is not to meet, so decided to create the brand, design their own professional timer, the dream of love is a round clock technology.

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Dietrich watches OT – 1 1969
Dietrich watches, 1969 the first work, is also the main works for Organic Organic Time (OT) Time series. As the name implies, OT series has a preface described biochemical machinery on the design concept, Emmanuel hope to wear it as you can imagine it is an organic timing plants, like a natural part of the perfect integrated into the user’s wrist. OT series adopted more than the structure of the crust, to reflect the diversity and richness of nature, and can be respectively on the watch case with different polishing grinding and PVD coating process; Highly three-dimensional design for void beneath the crust, in addition to increase overall administrative levels feeling, also can let the same be OT series features of replaceable type strap, as if the shenmu tree hole; Up to 4 layers of face plate like cells transverse section, in addition to the cell membrane and the nucleus and other structure, but I carefully looked at the time information is hidden in among them, a total of 24 hours, minutes, seconds, and when, according to coating with strong fluorescence.

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Dietrich watches OT 1969-2
The focus of the belt is OT series. Emmanuel the belt as an independent components, organic time is a link and the bridge of the wearer. Band is canvas, rubber, leather and other materials, with all kinds of printing and dyeing, and users can also easily replaced by quick release design, every day can wear out all kinds of mood and style.
Dietrich watches ot 1969-3
Dietrich watches 1969 OT – 4

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The emperor’s DIETRICH and luxurious new storm airborne strikes

The emperor’s power DIETRICH strength in the greater China region at 2 PM on Augest 9th, 2016.It launched kicked off in guangzhou W hotel. The launch by the emperor’s power and sharp g media jointly organized.
Emperor trey wei, general manager of DIETRICH partner tide station, watches and meters.General manager of sharp grams net media CEO attended the launch, attracting each big television, web portal, newspapers and magazines, and other major media scramble to attend.

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Conference at the scene of the emperor’s power DIETRICH world-class talent designers Emmanuel will introduce organic time series watches for guests present OT – 1, 2, OT, OT, OT, OT – 4-5, OT – 6 and named OT – MIRACLE emperor’s MIRACLE watches.Emperor trey wei, general manager in product launches, respectively, and the tide
station and watches wan network, general manager of the general manager signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and in the future cooperation with sharp g media named “miracle” the concert. And also launch by  media artists as a representative to attend the “xiang”, the site released a limited edition of OT in the world – MIRACLE emperor’s MIRACLE watches, and sang songs at the scene “MIRACLE”! Bring you emperor trey DIETRICH extravagant storm, across the greater China region.

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The emperor’s strong DIETRICH in the greater China region
Emperor’s wei DIETRICH is continually expanding its board figure in the global market. Mr Emmanuel Dietrich natural for the pursuit of happiness and that desire to create.It brought him a steady stream of innovation
and endless source design, combined with his rich experience and proficient skills, Dietrich brand opportunity is infinite.The emperor’s power will Emmanuel type life concept into the extremely individual characteristics. His handiwork is always happy and his values, perceptual personality and sensitive touch together, Mr Emmanuel
Dietrich fully use their artistic talent to convert the language value after refining to all aspects of the emperor’s power products.Luxury emperor trading (Shanghai) co., LTD. Is the emperor’s DIETRICH greater China
general agent, the company will invest a lot of resources in the future promotion of the watch, for the elite from all walks of life to build the unique fashion watches.

Luxury emperor trading (Shanghai) co., LTD., the future of a series of powerful propaganda offensive including charity doudizhu contest sponsored by the state general administration of sports.Karen mok man-wai concert tour, miracle, Taiwan’s world famous electronic music DJ party, etc.DIETRICH soon after launch several new design product will also continue happy Mr Emmanuel DIETRICH’s values, the perceptual personality and keen sense of touch to the thing full of it. DIETRICH new product line will include: men and women jewelry, high-grade fashion related small leather goods and accessories, etc series
products. With diversified product line, will soon take the inn in inn experience mode, the model will be introduced in DIETRICH’s first independent concept store.Emperor’s wei formally announced its at this year’s Basel new logo. With a powerful, compact appearance, the
design characteristics of Emmanuel, perceptual lines and harmonious form and emperor’s step 2015 clear vision and future.

Cheap Dietrich Watches

In 1969, with artists, writers, visionary lineage Emmanuel Dietrich Mr Clocks and watches of famous ancient city in France besancon was born. In his youth for their handmade little thing and all kinds of toys is not
general interest and enthusiasm. From Paris, the famous design institute Ecole uct after graduation, Mr Emmanuel Dietrich design for many of the world famous brands, such as space, Louis vuitton, hermes, freehand
brushwork in traditional Chinese Ruinart and Calvin Klein, etc.
Follow from the youth ignorant generally and curiosity, Mr Emmanuel Dietrich would his life for the love of the object form structure to design products, in order to in the design of the world leave an indelible
impression.Emperor’s wei is the famous world-class designer and artist Mr Emmanuel Dietrich, watch brand, pour into the
all the enthusiasm for morphological structure. As a has 20 years experience in the world famous luxury design talented designer, Mr Emmanuel Dietrich to his professional knowledge and talent all gathered together and organically to devise watch brand in 2009: the emperor’s power.In the emperor’s power of all the products, are filled with Mr Emmanuel Dietrich unique logo design: perceptual lines and harmonious formations. From conception to execution, the emperor was always adhere to the original brand, innovation design and luxury practical fuses in together, create a life with products.Through in work, in the design of the Mr Emmanuel Dietrich’s unique Angle of view is widely recognized by the

Changed DIETRICH “wear” you catch the rainbow life
In 2016, DIETRICH launched its first two types of product lines, and DIETRICH DIETRICH watch strap. DIETRICH, with its first series: “organic time” knocking on the door of the watch market, become the upstart automatic mechanical watch.Organic time series OT – 1, 2, OT – OT – 3 watchess have change strap, as the wearer replacement strap at any time, for the wearer to change at any time and place. And the new product, OT, OT – 4-5, OT – 6 and named OT watch – terry MIRACLE emperor wei MIRACLE. The highlight of new products continue to pass unique brand change strap, as the wearer replacement strap, at any time for the wearer to change at any time and place image, product more add carbon fiber technology, watch body lighter, more rich color.
DIETRICH watches have what can match watches, can take the strap. Is fit for both men and women, old and young at any occasion wear organic time series watches, it has the connotation not only elegant, and reveals the rich and not make public, natural popular.

Organic time series Emmanuel watch money is devoted to the performance for the morphological structure of loving, it and speak the same kind of organic language in our body. Its ergonomic elegant dial perfectly fit the curve of the wrist, explanation gives a watch with pleasure and chic contact between the wearer to enjoy.