Dietrich  launch complex function Inspired by organic plants

Cheap Dietrich watches first launch complex features watch of wrist of OTC – AO1 (Organic Time Companion A model, version 01),


its design inspiration comes from the beautiful curve of Organic plants in the nature, with the passage of Time caused by the sense of urgency. Over-the-counter (OTC) in design and manufacture of complete, Switzerland – AO1 adopts particle sandblasting hexagon steel skeleton, 48 mm in diameter.


Through the sapphire glass mirror can directly see converted Japan automatic mechanical movement Myota82 – S – 7. OTC – AO1 shoots the pointer and scale dot mark adopt the “luminous” material, make the person can also be easily in the dark to see the time on the dial, dial 10 points with instructions for 24 hours, by carving with black Roman numerals dial and footwall luminous material overlap, small seconds plate is located at 5 PM, with a hollow hexagonal Venus as instructions. Crown with double seal o-rings, its waterproof depth can be up to 50 meters.

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OTC – AO1 series wrist watch a total of three colors: green, red and yellow, the three kinds of different color appear downy or bold style. Made of nylon and carbon fiber leather strap has chosen.

How to adjust time of Dietrich watch

Dietrich watch with beautiful ceramic is one of the beauty of men’s favorite watch brand. But everyone will have a question. That is how the Dietrich ceramic watches adjust the time? Let us tell you!

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Dietrich watch to check time, if you require fairly accurate time.Let the second hand position to pull out the crown when go to 12, at this time of the second hand motionless.Clockwise or counterclockwise rotation
crown adjusting the position of the hour and minute, when the pointer and standard time (reference) on a television or radio is consistent, the crown back in place.

Matters needing attention
Watch calendar, week, adjustment of the moon never watch time at 21:00 PM ~ 3:00 AM operation.The calendar function during ongoing operation, but also lower the degree of the gear, the frequent action will damage the
internal parts of the watch.

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Week calendar TAB, due to different system.How can be divided into two kinds, the first in the calendar TAB to complete the plus or minus five minutes, the second in the calendar TAB to complete within 3 hours.
In case of using spiral crown watch, do not hard pull, please play lock tight crown counterclockwise, after adjust time, the crown clockwise rotation and pushed into the lock, in order to avoid the water.
In case of need to adjust the date with a calendar watch, please dispatch the calendar to the day you need date, then turn clockwise to adjust date, date will change when the needle after midnight at that time, so
that you can avoid direct adjustment date cause the confusion of day and night.

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