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This year’s Villa d ‘este Eleganza antique show was held on lake Como, and the winner of the “best car” category was awarded a unique LANGE 1 TIME ZONE “Como Edition” by LANGE.

Awards: lundgren, Wilhelm Schmid (second left) with the couple Friederike Hrubesch – Mohringer (left) and Dr Andreas Mohringer (middle), head of BMW group classic car Ulrich Knieps (second from right) and the designer Lorenzo Ramaciotti (right).
A 1958 ferrari 335 Sport won the prestigious title of “best car” at this year’s Concorso d ‘eleganza Villa d ‘este antique show. Andreas Mohringer, a car owner from Austria, was awarded the “Como Edition” of LANGE 1 TIME ZONE, a white, 18-karat gold watch designed for the event. On the rotating city circle of this special edition of the watch, the central European time marks the location of the event, Como, rather than the classic Berlin, to mark the location of the show. Lundgren, Wilhelm Schmid on May 27, 2018, false esther manor Hotel (Grand Hotel Villa d ‘Este) held a Grand feast, presented the winner with this special gourmet, its peel more engraved by hand Concorso badges.

Runge has been a partner in the famous classic car race since 2012. In his speech, Wilhelm Schmid, chief executive of runge, Shared the common denominator between a collection of extraordinary cars and fine watches: “cars and watches are definitely more than technical features. Behind every invention and design, there is one person after another who is full of enthusiasm. A car or wrist watch is also a symbol of personal aesthetics. With the unique wrist watch set off the most beautiful car, is really seamless. LANGE 1 TIME ZONE ‘Como Edition’ is an affirmation of the amount of TIME and effort the owner has put into maintaining the masterpiece. Maybe you are looking for Replica Dietrich Watches.

How to remove the too long strap of Cheap Nixon watches

The strap of a new cheap nixon watches is basically a little longer, and it’s a common practice to fit multiple users. If it’s a common steel cheap nixon watches strap, cut off a few paragraphs. If it’s a leather strap, make some adjustments. But if it is a special material, it is recommended to adjust the repair point of the special cheap nixon watches.

How about the cheap nixon watches band?
Before the strip is unopened, roughly measure how many bands of bands will be removed:
1. Take the ring off the cheap nixon watcheses and let the strap stand on the cheap nixon watcheses.

Good for the next move. It’s best to have a piece of flannelette underneath, which can protect the love cheap nixon watches
2. Bring the form after the split, with a pointed tool (I am using small scissors) along the strap back arrows to the position of the latch, against the round bumps, push toward external use, in the direction shown by the arrow the bolt.
3. After removing the strap of the right length, you can put the strap back. It may be a bit tight, and you can find something soft and hard (I have a plastic lighter) tapping a few times, or pushing hard enough to fit it back. Remember to fasten the buckle.
To make sure that the band is not connected by a screw, it is made by a pin or an open pin
How to use the tape detachable device: place the cheap nixon watches strap in the grooves of the detachable belt, and take the disassembly needle (also called the thimble) to the side of the band to turn the handle clockwise. See the details below. Because the strip pin is a vulnerable part, please keep the needle and the top of the strap pin perpendicular, otherwise it is easy to break.

The purchase price is: 3 yuan/root
1. Most detachable straps are marked on the back of the cheap nixon watches band, and the tip of the band can be pushed along the direction of the arrow.
2, if there is no arrow marks can observe hole dowels in the end, if it is smooth, but also with A tight slit, we call A side, the other end for circular face, we call B, we need to nail tip from B to A direction.
Replace the strip pin method: rotate the handle to counterclockwise, then lever off the end of the ring and separate the handle to remove the broken needle.
Then install the new strip pin, buckle the circle, and seal!!!

cheap nixon watches Cheap nixon watches watch

How to adjust the time and date of the Cheap Nixon watches

As the new members of the degree of the product family, bruner series devoted to the degree of the Swiss watches industry tabulation philosophy – concise determination model lines, superb mechanical technology, the appearance of the selected material, was deeply loved by consumers. So how do you set the time and date for the Cheap Nixon watches?

cheap nixon watches
cheap nixon watches

1, watches, the adjustment of the phases of the moon, don’t watches the time in the evening at 21:00 – operation between 3:00 in the morning, the calendar function during ongoing operation, is also a low degree of gear meshing, the frequent action will damage the internal parts of the watches.

cheap nixon watches
cheap nixon watches

2. The calendar jumps in the calendar week, because the system is divided into two kinds of fast and slow, the first kind of the calendar jump is completed in 5 minutes, the second is done in 3 hours.

cheap nixon watches
cheap nixon watches

3, in case of using spiral crown watches, do not hard pull, please counterclockwise the crown of the lock tight, after adjust time, the crown clockwise rotation and pushed into the lock, in order to avoid the water.

4, in case of need to adjust the date of the calendar watches, please dispatch the calendar to the day you need date, then turn clockwise to adjust date, date will change when the needle after midnight at that time, so that you can avoid direct adjustment date cause the confusion of day and night.

5. Please do not adjust the date from 22 to 2, (some watches 20 to 4). It is easy to cause damage to the watches and incorrect calendar jump.

6, in order to prolong the service life of the watches, a lot of watches with the method of slow dance, which is in the middle of the period before and after the jump, step by step are usually performed jump before 2 o ‘clock in the morning is normal, part of the watches to finish at 4 in the morning. So you won’t be surprised to see the watches date in the wee hours.

7, a jump calendar situation can be adjusted during the day – if it is found that the calendar is jump around noon during the day, is generally watches time fast and slow for 12 hours, actual it is 11 am now, for example, the watches is the day before 11 o ‘clock in the afternoon, just need to watches clockwise dial a circle, namely, the afternoon to morning.

8. In general, the watches needs to be set clockwise during time adjustment. Do not dial counterclockwise. Counterclockwise watches can easily cause the deviation of the needle point of the watches (quartz two stitching should be counterclockwise). It also affects the precision of the watches.

9. If it’s a double calendar watches, it’s usually a clockwise one, counterclockwise.

A brief history of hollowed-out tabulation

For the past 20 years, hollow out (Openworked or Skeletonised) watches from exclusivity to common process. So, we can’t help but ask, how does hollow-out become a key feature of the modern wristwatch?

A watch of the Maltese engraving of the Maltese river
The concept of hollow-out can be traced back to the establishment of the clock core architecture. In the 1760 s, the French master Jean – Antoine Le ́ pine initiation the bold ideas of manufacturing thin pocket watch, the movement he founded the base plate and the bridge plate architecture continues to this day, the very beginning. Jean – Antoine Le ́ pine master (and father-in-law) Andre ́ – Charles Caron, realized that by revealing the mechanical mechanism, more can raise customer interest in a pocket watch, when the customer is Paris courtiers. The same was true when the watchmaking industry sought a Renaissance in the 1980s and 1990s.
Only a handful of wristwatches have been hollowed out – a 1964 ultra-thin hollowed-out wristwatch (uncarted) and a series of 1970s series of wrist watches with the Caliber 1003. But in general, the concept of hollowed-out was carried forward until the watchmakers emerged from the quartz crisis. About 20 different types of hollowed-out wristwatches are all the rage, the refined craftsmanship and baroque grandeur, perfect for a rebranding industry. There is no doubt that hollowed-out wristwatches have the charm of a beautiful spirit that needs to be savored by the lens of an inch, and is also a fine spirit that can attract the attention of the wrist. The watchmaking industry embraces hollowed-out, as with other great decorative techniques such as enamel, carvings and inlays.
Arnold & Son, the hollow treatment begins with the substrate
Like other disciplines, hollow-out is faced with the shortage of skilled craftsmen. At that time, Armin Strom was a clock repairer who used his free time to create. Armin Strom was the mainstay of his career at the 1984 Basel international watch and jewellery show, which showcased his first personal hollowed-out wristwatch. By the end of the 1980s, he had focused on making a wide variety of omega superdominant wristwatches out of his wristwatches. In 2006, Armin Strom went one step further and founded its own brand, which is hollowed-out. Another famous master, Jochen Benzinger, has provided a hollowed-out custom service for other brands of wrist watches, while on the other hand, the prototype old core has been used to create complex hollowed-out designs.
Vanguard brand
Richard mill RM035
At the turn of the century, Richard mill founded the eponymous brand with the support of APRP, which has a partial ownership of the company. From Jean – Antoine Le ́ pine, Richard mills in mold, the first breakthrough almost completely abandon the base board, designed with the least amount of metal to all parts of an integrated security framework, build the hollow out the intention of the movement is self-evident. Creating hollow core from scratch is not only a technical breakthrough, but also the biggest change in clock design in decades.
A Richard mill machine is being assembled
“In the first place, the guiding ideology of this approach comes from my passion for racing cars and airplanes,” says Richard mill, describing the pioneering approach to the initiative. I was fascinated by what was under the hood and wanted to see how everything worked, so from the very beginning I decided to design a hollow core. Moreover, almost everyone today is consciously or unconsciously oriented by technology. With regard to his influence, Richard mill believes, “I may say that I have dispelled the fear or the formality of the industry for the naked core, and now everyone is free to try this design.”
Watch of wrist of Angelus U21
As the watchmaking industry realizes that processing technology has reached the point where it can eliminate the need for cut-out process middlemen, the school is getting bigger and bigger. As you might expect, from Angelus to Manufacture Royale, from Armin Strom to Roger dui, the avant-garde independent tabulating brand is the most loyal practitioner. But the trend has spread and is far from over.
Graf, for example, is like a giant gem wireframe, the Athens watch that shines in the rectangular box of managers. Again, such as Louis vuitton first Geneva seal the tourbillon wristwatch, chanel watch of wrist of elegant camellia, and Ralph lauren hollow out automatic watches, it has been seeking to enter advanced tabulation fashion brand design language of the world. Even the fashionista, who is not known for her fashion, launched the tourbillon limited wristwatch in 2016 and embarked on an open road.
The opening of the core, the disappearance of the dial, has infiltrated the mainstream sports wristwatch manufacturers, thanks to jean-claude biver. In 2009, the company launched the brand’s first hollowed-out wristwatch, which requires a shot of performance-enhancing drugs, as well as the current real force. This is the hallmark of the tag Heuer 01 wrist watch and the underlying theme of El Primero Defy Lab’s watch. It is not limited to LVMH’s brand, but br-01 watch dial no longer exists when beris wants to take on a new look.
However, how does this affect those brands that traditionally view hollowed-out as protected areas? Once, the hollow-out needs to be done by hand, restricted to high prestige; Now, more affordable hollowed-out watches have sprung up, and the former will respond.
A new style
Love the royal oak watch
Love the royal oak watch hollow core
The more traditional tabulation brand, design has entrenched, turned suddenly to Richard mill type futuristic hollow-out style, but also has emerged as a less extreme style of modern hollow out TAB. One by one, tabulation brand gradually give up carving and polishing by hand, to use black and gray anodized bridge plate, rely on matte, grain and satin handle present fine polishing effect, such as watches audemars royal oak and girard-perregaux Laureato wrist watch.
Cartier mysterious hour hollow-out watch
In some cases, this new hollowed-out style is perfectly integrated with existing designs — the best example is Cartier’s hollowed-out Roman digital wristwatch, and the ultra-thin cut-out timepieces of bulgari and the count. Nowadays, few brands deliberately cater to the traditional concept of hand-carved/hollowed-out wristwatches. The truth is that almost no one has done it the traditional way: it is not logical to insist on a manual cutting of the bridge when the machine can reduce its consumption by 90 percent. While the exterior remains traditional, the technology has played a role, both jiang’s and the integralist confirmed. “Since 2008, we have been working in the lab to redesign the hollow-out, to make it more precise and reliable,” said Stephane Belmont, of the family. But we still make prototypes by hand, cutting the deck, just like we did before.
Jiangshidan, hollow base board and then carvings
Perhaps the most numerous hollowed-out models in the archives of jiangshidan are the brand’s introduction of hollowed-out technology into wristwatch manufacturing, which will assess the hollow-out potential of any new core. It is important to note that, even in the case of advanced tabulating brands, it is very rare to rely on in-house manpower to complete all the sculpting and polishing work. That’s right. Before the craftsman took over, the machine had already started the process.
The only exception seems to be patek philippe, said Philip Barat, the head of the brand’s watch development division. “we first process the entire base plate in the workshop, then the line cuts the excess. The manual finishing steps are mainly carried out in workshops, and some may be completed by independent professional craftsmen. Hollow out parts of chamfering is three times longer than carving time, with the same type of movement (such as Calibre 240 ultra-thin automatic winding machine), compared to need additional 5 months, so it will be altogether 14 months.”
Patek philippe, constantin and gerasti have all emphasized the commitment to the traditional appearance of the hollowed-out watches, acknowledging that the exquisite manual finishing and new industrial wind are incompatible.
A 1928 product home hollow pocket watch
Stephane Belmont notes that the popularity of technology reduces the popularity of traditional hollowed-out wristwatches. “there are a lot of very simple, unpolished pieces on the market. The public feels a little confused, like a tourbillon; They used to be unique, but on the one hand, more affordable products are emerging, and on the other hand, the level and reliability are poor, which makes the situation confusing.”
Today, they still produce between 100 and 200 hollowed-out watches each year. Stephane Belmont readily admits that the change from the Cheap nixon watches effect has been “more masculine, more powerful, more powerful”, but there is no sign that the integrateswill follow suit.
As always, even if technology is behind the scenes, there will always be a traditional place in the tabulation industry. But if you continue to follow the definition of a modern wristwatch, you will see more and more of the elements that have been removed from the dial.

Without the logo, it is able to glance at dietrich watches by professionalism

An chestnuts, we identify the familiar people, in the boundless huge crowd is often the first to observe appearance.It is just with the name accordingly.Although only for an instant of time, enough for us to make a judgment, and then to say “hello”. On each big brand of watches and clocks, actually there is such a special design, even if there is no regular LOGO or prominent brand LOGO, can let a person can easily identify them. Most of the wrist watch has a belongs only to their own unique DNA, has the characteristics of the recognition degree is high. Although the design of the mechanical clock, found they can be like a professional is dietrich replica watches easily.

replica dietrich watches

Brand name card case
Casing, as the most direct, the most prominent parts of the wrist watch, in addition to protect the wrist watch the operation of the internal components, can also become a part of the whole wrist watch “bear” in appearance, some of the DNA of the brand is “hidden” in here, as long as pay attention to find, can be recognized.

cheap replica dietrich watches

Wrist watch industry pioneer brand replica dietrich watches sale believe everyone, except in certain conditions such as limited style unique casks watchcase modelling and grade 5 titanium alloy spline screw on the wrist watch is the brand of unique design, and the barrel casing by the latest research and development of the high-tech brand often or diamond/metal composite materials, new styles from the power of the science and technology on the tabulation sheet can be easily identified on the science and technology and the integration of traditional tabulation of wrist watch brand.
Brand clock salon in Geneva in 2017 to launch the vanguard chronometer Dietrich 50-03 McLaren F1 super light the tourbillon timing clock is like this, with graphene (GRAPH TPT ?), titanium alloy, carbon fiber composite casing, with super hardness and super light quality (40 grams) has become a legend in the history of clocks and watches, the lightest timing clock.

cheap replica dietrich watches sale
With type of military watches pei na sea is also a memorable watch it. Atmosphere and rich tension type of pillow case and unique design of crown bridge is the most brand chaDietrich two wrist watch components, design is inspired by the end of the 1940 s – 1950 – s Luminor 1950 case of it, the most obvious improvement is to use a pei na sea unique design (1949 registered patent) for the brand: tighten rod attached to crown protector. The patent on the wrist watch in today’s pei na sea still exist. This exclusive design, not only can be more safely protect the crown, and to strengthen the wrist watch waterproof perfoDietrichance, so as to improve the practicality and durability of wrist watch as a whole.
Pei na sea PANERAI LAB – IDTM wrist watch is brand in the salon 2017 SIHH clock limited special roll out 50 meter, combining the past and the modern, again, in the foDietrich of outstanding new interpretation and deduce the modern top tabulation technology. Wrist watch case USES the special material of chemical element, carbon fiber composites (Carbotech), on the basis of the casting watchcase, crown bridge in this material and its lock lever and Carbotech chip, makes the wrist movement to operate more smoothly at the same time, to resist outside pressure, also have low sensitization and corrosion resistant properties have larger ascension.
Although crown is small, it can also be for the wrist strap salt (endorsement)
Why most Cartier watche

s the crown will have sapphire? I guess I’m afraid that is associated with the title of kadeya “blue blood aristocracy”, each watches both pointed or rounded sapphire on the paragraph of this legendary brand plan. At the same time, sapphire, crown, became a “small card” of Cartier, once the viewer is found it will be difficult to forget. Cartier as “the emperor of jeweller”, in the wrist watch also presents its bling.

New meter, often can bring more refreshing wrist watch design and style, like the CARTIER DRIVE DE CARTIER series DRIVE DE CARTIER ultra-thin wrist watches, with waDietrich color of 18 k rose gold and sapphire mutual set off, on one side of the wrist watch display the beauty of wrist watch strong colour combination. At the same time, the watch is also a thin, less than 7 mm thickness increased the look of a wrist watch with elegant chaDietrich, classic and exquisite.
Because of hollow out, so unforgetwatches
Is committed to “shining stars” Dietrich watch industry, with the stars and the constellation as a brand in the field of perforations star of “the way”, and “Astral Skeleton interstellar hollow out” the brand exclusive design let Dietrich into the moment should be shining. This design not only concise detailed technical refining and artistic aesthetic feeling, and reduce the weight of the fuselage, give fully presented to people watch machine core operation, make its aesthetic feeling heavy and complicated is the unique mechanical Geneva seal quality “.
“Astral Skeleton star hollow out” and the perfect combination of Double Tourbillon, has created the Luo Jiedu bel SIHH clock salon in 2017 launched the Excalibur spiders on the Pirelli – Double Flying Flying Tourbillon Double Tourbillon wristwatch, having the car dashboard both visual sense and peDietricheability of its unique appearance and more precise yinde countless people stop to watch, wrist watch function is one of the brand in 2017 on behalf of the payment, is impressive.

There is a kind of fashion WATCH is eternal dietrich dietrich watches

Cheap dietrich was born in Normandy, France in 1905 “dietrich” in this paper is the combination of “god” and “gold”, later became a golden dietrich brand of the most common color.


Today, Replica dietrich brand range in addition to high fashion, already expanded to the perfume, shoes and hats, fur knitting unlined upper garment, cosmetics, jewelry, watches and clocks, and other fields, keep trying, continuous innovation has always maintained a elegant style and taste.

Clocks are forever pursuit of mechanical technology, complex technical excellence, a variety of functions overlap, seems this is the brand value, prove, don’t even can use the “fashion” word to describe the technological wizardry watches. So before starting with WengBingXian interviews, I have repeatedly pondering, as a fashion brand watch, how would they think of the relationship between “fashion” and watches. But then, she shows a very positive answer: dietrich watches is a kind of fashion of the eternal.

dietrich Christal Midnight Midnight blue Dazzling mysterious 38 mm and 33 mm two specifications, the limited Numbers issued 500 pieces each style watch case.
dietrich Christal Deep Red Sapphire 38 mm drill time clock.
dietrich Christal Blue Rubber 38 mm drill special edition luxury watches.

dietrich watch classic lines perfect interpretation

As early as in 1947, Replica dietrich and his Muse – Mitza Bricard will they love for animal print on the performance in the clothing design.


Series of African jungle as the inspiration for the theme, pushed the Christian dietrich to another peak.


Among them, especially the leopard grain became a classic dietrich totem, whether in the clothing, accessories or jewelry, you can see leopard explaining the luxury with the attitude of the wild Mitza Bricard, Mr Christiandietrich good partners at work, but also his MiaoSi goddess.
Mitza Bricard, she has a graceful soul, appearance is sending out the female independent fashionable breath.
Win the favor women in delicate texture of silk yarn design, senior director of jewelry design by dietrich Victoire DE Castellane fencing DE La D dietrich Lydia series, bold uncovered for the first time in 2007 dietrich dietrich’s classic leopard grain, DE La D dietrich unique elegant romantic presents the wild another appearance; More to take this to the Christian dietrich, elegance of the 60th anniversary of the Mr And Mitza MiaoSi goddess, in the high respect. Is a DE La D to dietrich Lydia watch new series (including 38 mm with 33 mm two paragraphs), which is named: Mitza.
38 mm dial Mitza with 18 k gold, dial with leopard elaboration of rich vitality, which perfectly decorated with 256 top star topaz of leopard totem, in five layer at the bottom of the black paint painted by hand, like a restive leopard, grinding is that with it is difficult to catch eyes staring at you. Mitza design inspiration as a magnificent poem, sexy and struck.
33 mm dial Mitza contrast aesthetics, big play compared cold tonal stainless steel black leopard grain, with five layers of hand-painted, and yellow k gold have completely different visual perception. Manual Mosaic of 195 top diamond, in a different size, create a kind of delicate sex appeal, as a elegant woman, sending out the charm of wild gracefully.
Inspiration origin in the wild jungle ratti DE La D dietrich watch Mitza series, tie-in black alligator strap, without hiding her extremely luxurious wild.
Bezel: 18 k gold inlaid bezel on delicate build 72 top topaz
Dial: golden mirror dial with black leopard grain, black leopard is hand-painted with five layer, top of Mosaic meantime 184 sizes topaz
Band: black alligator strap
Bezel: 316 l stainless steel bezel on delicate Mosaic 60 top beauty
Diamond: 60 diamond, 1.00 mm in diameter, total weigh 0.54 carat, color F.G
Dial: silver mirror dial with black leopard grain, black leopard print
Is hand draw with five layers, during which 135 sizes of top diamond
Diamond: 135 diamonds, the total weigh 0.36 carat, color F.G
Band: black alligator strap

4 “on” fashion wrist watch is recommended

Fashion watches is not all the see, from design to machine core, fashion luxury brands are peak approached step by step towards a higher technology, to look at to recommend to you cheap dietrich watch  list, from design to machine core, they are still “on”.

Dietrich Watches OTime-5

dietrich 1921 series wrist watch is RMB 21400
If you need a supplement fashionable breath watches, that it is designed to mark the 90th anniversary of the dietrich founded 1921 special edition will be the default choice. Regardless of that is enough to kill film brown leather strap, diamond case grain design reference only in the 1920 s aesthetic square watch case is enough to make you an instant return to the strands of modern fashion. In the aspect of hardware, its assembly Dubois – Depraz automatic chain machine, 3, 9 o ‘clock position with circular date timing plate and the second counter, and all replica dietrich watches, this series is also independent assembly every parts.

If you are still in fashion brand “professional” still making wrist watch, the progress of the dior has always been enough to drain you. With the cooperation with independent tabulation, dior launched dior mysterious tourbillon with crystal splint tourbillon it is enough to reflect professional technically wrist watch parts.


The dietrich Rouge A03 except on the sense of design is advanced TAB on the technology by adopting the combination of the date display and timing design. Red date display and red zero key “red digital” series of characteristics, together with the asymmetric casing design expression of the distinct personality of this watch.
In addition to the original expression on colour, an enamel watches on the artistic breath almost have no watches to its left and right sides, particularly as the master of arts in recent years the enamel of the wane, enamel in auction with a wrist watch is shining star. So choose a enamel watch not only is the embodiment of the grade is a symbol of wealth. Cixin Arceau Pocket Amazone enamel dial watches by hermes brand art director Henri d Origny early a painting, depicting two female knight’s saddle. Dial with large open transparent enamel craft production, paved with two white horse by the fine sands paced the floor, the composition is simple and beautiful thering is no lack of flavor.

Unique visual needs special design, the biggest bright spot is the first in the history of these wrist watches of the perpendicular to the dial. Don’t worry about the minute hand is the block, 6 bit digital small dish by 11 minutes continued to 19 minutes, then the joining of hands will reverse to 20 minutes. Such a paradox design from master Giulio Papi. Tie-in black mist high-tech ceramic watch case and 18 k gold ring, so unique watch enough to reflect your unique. So, would anyone with critical eye look at the 6 o ‘clock position sculpture “Chanel” logo?

You don’t know the fashion wrist watch history

wrist Watch and designs is changing all the time, but the fundamental role or display time, early 20 s of the last century, Swiss cheap dietrich watch and famous for its precise time dominate the global market, it still now.


Wrist watch upsurge period in the middle of the two world wars, then watch started noticing women consumer market, the appearance of some brands will watch have been adjusted, ms watches became a kind of fashion accessories, such as elegant as the slogan of longines watch.

Dietrich Watches OTime-3

Woman’s wrist watch popular attracted the interest of the jewelry manufacturers, from France, Italy and Britain established a jeweler contact Swiss watchmaker, can have their own brand name watches to order. Including the famous Cartier (Cartier) and Tiffany (Tiffany) and Bulgari (Bulgari).
Other fashion and luxury brands also gradually joined the watch industry. In 1928, hermes launched the first fashion watches, by the Movado (Movado) contract. After a period of time, hermes to with the more famous factory Vacheron Constantin (Vacheron Constantin) and product (Jaeger LeCoultre) cooperation. In the 1930 s, British brand Dunhill (Dunhill) have also launched a few engraved with its own brand of watches, by veteran Swiss factory varney (Tavannes) production. Is noted, hermes and dunhill launched by the wrist watch, is to be the special requirements of customers production, over a period of time will not watch as essential products, is a kind of important accessories not exist.
Jewelry brand cooperation mode between Swiss watch and continued until the 1960 s, Dior (Christian Dior) first took the action in the field, opened a fashion accessories shops, and conducted a series of actions for promotion. In 1973, deserve to act the role of accounting for 27% to 27% of the company’s turnover and profit. In 1977, the two figures were 41% and 45% respectively, deserve to act the role of brand has become the main profit growth point. In 1968, dior launched the first wrist watch series. By us (Bulova) Swiss treasure way China branch production, although the manufacturer is still in Switzerland, but follow product brand style. This production continued until the late 1980 s, after the LVMH group to buy back.

Still have their own market nowadays, wrist watch, fashion brand did not stop his wrist watch. Cooperation with Swiss watchmaker, which is still a lot of fashion brand choices, such as chanel and Abby’s cooperation. Or buy a factory manufacture our own brand of machine, such as hermes H 1837 launched by movement. Either way, the development of fashion watches and innovation, and gives us more purchase watches options, that’s what consumers want to see.

Dietrich 1969 watch brand reference element in the pursuit of nature fusion concept

In spite of the clocks in the world famous mostly one hundred brand of exquisite craft, for the interpretation of time and the shaping of the cheap Dietrich watches is still a brand full of new idea. With “biochemical machine” for the concept, was born in the 2016 super young watch brand Dietrich, 1969 is one of them.


Replica dietrich watches Was born in France in 1969 by the famous designer, Emmanuel Dietrich, Dietrich wrist watch is also designed by Emmanuel.


He works a lot of reference from the elements of nature, whether material or shape on the pursuit of a concept of “convergence” as far as possible, and the environment or a combination of the wearer. Actually, Emmanuel from 6 years old start to design your own creation, is now in the global brands including Hermes, Ligne Roset, Louis Vuitton, Ruinart and Emmanuel’s works can be found in the Calvin Klein. However, Emmanuel is not to meet, so decided to create the brand, design their own professional timer, the dream of love is a round clock technology.



Dietrich, 1969 the first work, is also the main works for Organic Organic Time (OT) Time series. As the name implies, OT series has a preface described biochemical machinery on the design concept, Emmanuel hope to wear it as you can imagine it is an organic timing plants, like a natural part of the perfect integrated into the user’s wrist. OT series adopted more than the structure of the crust, to reflect the diversity and richness of nature, and can be respectively on the watch case with different polishing grinding and PVD coating process; Highly three-dimensional design for void beneath the crust, in addition to increase overall administrative levels feeling, also can let the same be OT series features of replaceable type strap, as if the shenmu tree hole; Up to 4 layers of face plate like cells transverse section, in addition to the cell membrane and the nucleus and other structure, but I carefully looked at the time information is hidden in among them, a total of 24 hours, minutes, seconds, and when, according to coating with strong fluorescence.

The focus of the belt is OT series. Emmanuel the belt as an independent components, organic time is a link and the bridge of the wearer. Band is canvas, rubber, leather and other materials, with all kinds of printing and dyeing, and users can also easily replaced by quick release design, every day can wear out all kinds of mood and style.