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The pursuit of precision is the reason for the existence of the watchmaking. Personal taste and style of expression, treasures, decoration decorative subject and mechanical think of opportunely, put aside everything, what you have is a designed to precise timing machine. Now accurate atomic clock time everywhere, within easy reach, but the precise nature of what in the world, the answer is not always as easy as imaged replica dietrich watches.

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In most people’s understanding, a wrist watch is accurate, mainly to see whether it can correspond to “standard time”. The so-called “standard time”, now generally provided by mobile phones or wearable intelligent wrist watch. If this wrist watch as always with the “standard time” (mobile phone connected to the Internet time, and finally provided by atomic clocks) corresponding to the consistent, then we say that it is accurate. A mechanical watch, of course, is not perfect time-keeper. So we often from their own expectations (rather than scientific measurement), make roughly judgment: how this watches is not allowed, I again how.

To lundgren pocket watch as an example, the choice of it because it illustrates a key point: built precision TAB target, surprisingly, is not to achieve accurate achievement. Yes, accuracy is very important, but it is the result of a more fundamental elements, namely rate swatches. Swatches rate means that, in a nutshell, watches at a given time interval travel time is constant. A swatches rate watches is a watches of precision. What is the difference between precision and speed stability? Can imagine the rate stability of the watches: + 6 seconds, the first day to 10 seconds, the next day – 2 seconds on the third day, the fourth day + 7 seconds, the fifth day – 1 seconds. After five days, and “standard time” do not bad, you may find your own watches is very accurate. But that is not the case, your watches is not precise, and “standard time” consistent results just because of a lucky coincidence.

Any clock is dependent on the oscillator – may be a pendulum, may be a balance wheel balance spring, may also be a tuning fork type quartz crystal. Oscillator rate, the more swatches, clocks and watches also more precise. A typical example is the Marine chronometer. Before to ship, Marine chronometer is set very carefully. Compared with the accurate, people more the hope that it can keep a steady rate. If you know the Marine chronometer every five seconds faster, you can easily calculate the GMT, and then according to the astronomical observations to locate. In general, to avoid disturbing Marine chronometer rate, can be set on the deck clock Marine chronometer display of time, used for observation.

Pictured above is lundgren pocket watch machine core. Admittedly, this is a precise pocket watch, but above intercept part mainly shows that to be accurate, need to keep a swatches rate in the first place. Pure steel quality, and the pendulum shaft equipped with ruby drill, the two little friction, make sure the rate does not change with the mainspring power to change. The greater the friction, balance wheel is more sensitive to the change of power. Balance spring existence of balance wheel less susceptible to the influence of dynamic change, at the same time, (breguet) end balance spring curve also makes the swing and rate, less affected by the position change. Moreover, balance wheel with stainless steel and copper, the diameter of it may change with the temperature change, to compensate for the influence of temperature change on the balance spring, further improve the stability of the rate.

Diagram for the watches of the largest contribution to the accurate (swatches) rather than to simply rate of a single element, is, in fact, the beauty of the gooseneck fine-tuning. By changing the position of the bolt, adjust the balance spring curve at the end. Bolt position determines the effective length of the hair, make watches as synchronous external “standard time” (such as accurate pendulum clock in the 19th century or today’s atomic time signal). Watchmaker can adjust the specific parameters, it is also likely to wrist watch is normal operation before the last calibration.
The size of the balance wheel and the quality is another point. Oscillator rate stability depends on the frequency and quality of the relationship. Ascension, the other one or two, usually get a more swatches rate. Pictured above is a pendulum clock escapement close-up, pendulum clock usually equipped with low frequency oscillator with high quality. For centuries, the watchmaker, always for the balance wheel of a given size machine equipped with as large as possible; In the 20th century and even today, the watchmaker, and using high frequency balance wheel (some extent “28000 times per hour” has become the new standard, by contrast, in the 19th century the pocket watch balance wheel vibration frequency for “18000 times per hour”). Industry is also, of course, is actively trying to, and strive to go further.
Pictured above is parma Johnny Senfine concept movement, equipped with Genequand escapement. Oscillator of unusual materials and design, vibration frequency up to 115200 times per hour (16 hz, it also makes it in theory can provide 70 – day power storage).
With the improvement of frequency, of course, the quality is often reduced. Quality of quartz oscillator are very small, and frequency of the corresponding is also higher. On the precise contest, 32768 hz Gao Zhenpin enough to mechanical watch without a fight. Atomic clocks use of resonance frequency, cesium atoms is typical representative – 9192631770 hz (cesium – 133 atomic ground state transition between the two hyperfine energy level of the radiation frequency).
Who still care about the precision? Of course, we care! But I often wonder, too, when it comes to precision, perhaps pursuit process and the final result is as interesting and attractive. Apple, for example, Watch equipped with temperature compensation crystal oscillator (TCXO, found in high-grade quartz movement, such as the one hundred spirit SuperQuartz and Seiko Grand Seiko 9 f series) is a good try, but it has also used the network time protocol (NTP) synchronization clock inside, so in practice, you may never really realize it is equipped with a better oscillator. More appropriate to say that Apple precision Watch didn’t stand behind the person, at least not directly – wrist Watch is behind mobile phone, mobile phone is behind the network protocol, the network protocol is behind some level of time server, and then is built-in atomic clocks, GPS satellite finally is the main atomic clocks.

The pocket watch long stories tell us that carefully adjust the calibration, the actual wear may be error control in 1 seconds, at the same time reduce the rate of change, and this is all thanks to master eyes and hands. Precision mechanical watch today does not need to be exactly the same skills, and no one will be dedicated to manually adjust the temperature compensation balance wheel on a regular basis. But you should know, lundgren pocket watch for many multifarious craft are still with us, they gave a mechanical clocks and watches a new dimension, make the glamour that hour meter continues today, and continue to circulate.

How do you think tabulation

Some firm, formal, that tabulation inherited Hegel five art, architecture, sculpture, painting, music and poetry). Others, perhaps more sober, don’t agree with this view, Switzerland advanced tabulation foundation cultural council President Franco Cologni is one of them. Franco Cologni finish all his life in promoting tabulation spread of culture, but he said: “the watchmaker’s Art (Art) is not Art, but Art (Art) in the application of the TAB.

The two completely different. The creation of the Artist (Artist) enjoy full freedom, and (watch) the designer’s freedom is a limit, because the latter must respect the rules of products and brands. The designer’s Art is closely combined with product main function, can not deviate from the cannot be ignored. The designer is one of the source, work does not belong to him, so he can’t sign his name like artists. If the TAB is an Art, you can call it a small Art (minor Art).”

Cartier Tank Folle wrist, Salvador Dali from wrist watch the creation inspiration of “eternal memories”
The practicability of “art”
So the idea of natural caused some controversy. Such as architecture, sculpture, painting, music and poetry, and later the performing Arts, photography, film and comic, these are classified as “official” with A capital letter “A” at the beginning of art (Arts), their creation process is really free? Building and film, for example, apparently belonging to the “collective” art, to a large extent depends on the customer and producer. Seem even the visual arts, the brand interpretation bastion of freedom, also can’t completely ignored the market grade, even rich ordered.
Lini cutting salt shaker, the wei’s, of cutting lini (Benvenuto Cellini) for francois I, 1540. For practical purposes, it is a salt shaker, or a work of art?

If no Pinault (Pinault) and Mr Arnault (Arnaults), Jeff Koons (Jeff Koons) how can you get the title of the great artists, perhaps his work until today still is vulgar for work? In a word, no exact definition of art, its connotation with The Times change and change. In ancient times, astronomy and geometry is attributed to Venus (one of the nine MUSES) tube. In the middle ages, rhetoric and grammar is the arts and humanities, the forging, the tailor, glass and cutting tool manufacturing are mechanical art. This may be a cultural art and the art of “mechanical” (or “servility art” servile arts) one of the earliest difference, because the latter will have the tangible material into practical applications, while the former do not need to do this. Art (Art) and process (craft) (permeable) boundaries between began to emerge.

There is no doubt that the practicability (Art) is Art and craft (craft) or applied arts, applied Art) is one of the most obvious difference between. A real work of art, only for the purpose of meditation. The power of art (if any) should be a symbolic, provoke contemplation and aesthetic characteristics. A work of art itself is elusive. A work provide reservation process function, as for the clock was striking the hours. In the strict sense, regardless of the watch or clock, even those full of artistic conception of the professional technical expression, be called art.

“Art” of nobility
Subject to functional, tabulation looked at the eyes full of envy of art, and are constantly looking for ways to hit a noble art. After all, because of various reasons, art has become one of the most noble human activity. Historically, tabulation and cooperate with artists; Directly or indirectly, to draw inspiration from the artist’s work; Even try itself becomes the art (I mean, complete in the sense of art); TAB to enter the museum; Tabulation began to deeply rooted in the hearts of the people; TAB with philosophy and a metaphor… TAB also has economic incentives, because art, although the lack of practical purposes, but in fact is priceless.
When Paul Gauguin need (Paul Gauguin) drawn in marquesas islands in 1895, $300 million when you get married, when Modigliani (Modigliani) naked women on the blue cushion for leaning on on November 9, 2015, Christie’s auction clinchs a deal with $170.4 million in New York, words become pale. Then, when sotheby’s auction in Geneva in November 2014, the famous patek philippe Henry graves pocket watch $24 million super complex function, whether it will become a work of art itself? That is, price and the original market value, has become a symbol of pure. As we see, tabulation and art complicated relationship than we imagine.

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A disk with two time Who can play a new pattern

A wrist watch is time zone, I think a lot of friends are not strange.since 1884, when Washington the standard of international conference on longitude determined the world area, the concept of time zones deeply influenced the whole world in the 20th century. People at that time to check the time is the most important way, is the clocks and watches, mechanical manufacturing has been aware of the need to develop a with the function of the time zone to the watches, and which has the function of time zone wrist watch, in the 20th century.Time zone watch more colorful.

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Some watches don’t play
Watch of wrist of time zone, mainly is two kinds, one kind is the world time watch, one is a double time zone wrist watch (or watch of wrist of GMT/UTC). They have a very clear difference, world time watch in general on the dial has a global 24 time zones will reach 37 (plus half time zone time zone), according to the time synchronization watch of wrist of dual time zone only shows additional the time that a region at the same time. Of course, on the machine core structure, that is two sets of systems.

Rolex lini dual time zone
From my personal point of view, dual time zone wrist watches more flexible and convenient than the world, unless it is to fly around all or business in multiple countries, otherwise the world time watch less than the limit. And wrist watch, dual time zone if the wrist when the design to do the calibration institutions more clever, then it is a very good business wrist watch, no matter go to where, as long as according to the law of the time zone, easy to adjust the dial pointer can be easily synchronized, wrist watch in the world, because when I go to another place, actually don’t need to know so many parts of the world, so the information will bring me to read when in trouble, and also very takes dial space. Of course, this does not represent the world watches is not good, but it needs to have this kind of real demand of customer service (obviously I’m not).

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I don’t care about who made first dual time zone wrist watch, I am more concerned about the double time zones can now buy watches, which is a better use, which is a more distinctive, which one is affordable.
No past thousands Several common dual time zone watches
Although as an additional function, dual time zone need additional structure, but it has yet to form a larger order of magnitude in price jumps. To remove electronic watch, mechanical watch with a double time zone has been very common, Japan and domestic several thousands of USD can be bought on brand price, most of the red watch brand has such a watch. On the one hand, thanks to the king of the Swiss system core ETA 2893 this movement development, has led many brand watches can be directly introduced double time zone, on the other hand, in the basic movement such as 2836, 2824, based on the movement stack module, dual time zone also can realize the dual time zone relatively simple function. So, two time zones has become a very simple and easy to buy.


Dietrich criteria series double time watches
Replica Dietrich watch is the most famous domestic populist wrist watch brand, relatively easy to accept the price, make a lot of people can afford, 23000 USD can entry the Dietrich watch, has a wealth of choice. Yet in the Dietrich in recent years, some of the watches, its mechanical movement time zone watches rare, is the only impressive 2013 world time watch Dietrich mark the 160th anniversary of the launch, in addition to this, almost didn’t see. Double time watches, are almost quartz movement. Of course, the benefits of the quartz movement is self-evident, precision and low failure rate is good.
Wrist watch criteria series double time zone using swiss-made quartz movement, 10 o ‘clock in wrist position, there is a belt 24-hour dial plate, indicating the time home, dial center indicates the local time, when the minute hand wrist watch is very 3550 USD. Here to be sure, watch of wrist of dual Time zone does not exist in the first area and a second Time zone that argument, because easy to misunderstand, in the English language in the Local Time and the Home Time to indicate, said Local Time (usually by the most prominent when the minute hand dial indicator) and Home of Time, it is relatively easy to understand. In addition, not all instructions with 24 hours GMT watches, especially the low end of the quartz watch, to see whether it can be manually adjusted.

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Hamilton jazz series double time watches
Compared to other brands under the swatch group, the Hamilton dual time zone watch more clearly, it is not only applied in the high water-resistant dual time zone, also in the classic jazz series, and other series of watchess are in use. Show are more diverse forms, from the window display to the pointer and set the universal time function, etc. Hamilton jazz series double wrist H32585551 zones, the classic style of men, which is the most basic double time watches.
ETA 2893-2 wrist watch with automatic chain machine, dynamic storage and 42 hours, belong to ETA 2892 GMT version, so even after combined with the corresponding function of time zone, it can still keep a good thickness (4.1 mm), makes the wrist watch overall easy to wear, why not in adding the ETA 2824 up, may also have the reasons. The watch outside the 2893-2 and no other function, disk standard 24 hours of the pointer instructions, crown can be set-up pointer, pointer, date and time zone in wrist watch is very 8750 USD, compared with no time zone ETA 2892 movement function of wrist watch, the price on the high of about 1000 USD.
The degree of the helmsman watches series double time zone
In 2014, the United States to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the arrival of the helmsman series, special series launched a pilot zones wrist watch, this is the degree of all watchess in one of the few watches a time zone, and is a collection of watches, a double time zone and the world. The watch at first glance is very complex, not only have a 24 hour world time zone sign, there are additional instruction pointer, a 24 hours with the standard locations or world time watch is different. In spite of this, it is still an operating and read simple wrist watch.
The watch at 9 o ‘clock position of T2 position indicator is the home time zone, indicating pointer indicates the hometown time 24 hours a day, when you are from home to go to another area, only need to adjust the minute hand is good at the center of the dial, but it is important to note that the dial center when the minute hand, 24 hours will follow, so you also need to come back. As a result of the wrist watch with ETA 2893-2 is automatic chain machine, this machine in principle, there is no world time function, so when you adjust the time zone plate, because there is no coherent structures, a pointer on the dial does not move, so it is actually a double time zone wrist watch, just by adjusting when necessary can temporarily display the world time zones. This watch is very 9100 USD, close to a pilot series week calendar observatory watch prices.
In addition, there are many brand be modified on the basis of the ETA 2893-2, introduced some more high appreciating the GMT watch, the price also range from 10000 to 25000, if a higher is precious metals.
Classic dual time zone wrist watch
Than those who went on sale on the basis of the system core of GMT watches, advanced tabulation brand often like to use movement to load the GMT function independently, and have experienced and test market, become now a glimpse of the classic wrist dual time zone.
Rolex explorer Ⅱ and Greenwich Ⅱ type
I think most of the watches, but when it comes to GMT watch, the first thought might be the two rolex watches. Rolex explorer Ⅱ first appeared in 1971, the continuation of the spirit of explorer series, at the same time for the first time in a very eye-catching orange Pointers, indicating the second time zone. Appeared in 2011, explorer Ⅱ 40th anniversary, rolex launched the new explorer Ⅱ wrist watch, besides size expansion, the whole design is more modern, and orange Pointers, a double time zone a rolex watch unique ICON.
Greenwich type Ⅱ watches, rolex GMT watch professional level. Launched in the middle of the last century rolex Gerry, watches, rolex is designed for the pilot watch money, so that they can quickly understand in time, since then, rolex upgrade it to the modern type of Greenwich Ⅱ wrist watch, has the same effect with explorer Ⅱ, the difference from the surface of explore Ⅱ fixed bezel, 24 hours a day and Greenwich Ⅱ bezel can be bi-directional rotation, rolex and is endowed with unique double color ceramic charm. On the movement, agent Ⅱ using the 3187 movement, Gerry, cure type Ⅱ using the 3186 movement, the former patent Paraflex rolex suspension, the latter use KIF suspension. This is, in fact, reflects the essential difference between both, explorer Ⅱ adventure professionals in service, Greenwich type Ⅱ is located in the journey, it can indicate a three time. The two watches are no calendar just switch function, two gear adjustment clockwise, and the hour hand, minute hand pointer adjustment at the same time, and time zone is very 64200 USD and 69300 USD respectively.
Pei na sea Luminor 1950 3 Days GMT watches
GMT watch has become an individual with the function of the traditional of the sea, nothing more modern pei na on the dial of the sea, across time zones pointer from time to time. And pei na sea compared to ordinary watch, it is often only need extra hands can, can say, it is one of the most concise GMT watches. Pei na sea in recently launched in blue color most four watches, including the three GMT watches, respectively Luminor 1950 3 Days Automatic GMT watches, 1950 10 Days Luminor GMT Automatic ACCIAIO wrist watch, 10 Days and RADIOMIR 1940 GMT Automatic ORO ROSSO wrist watch.
Two watches all attractive, and advocate concise, I think the PAM00688 more attractive. The watch is 320 (44 mm) after a mini version, because the dial is 42 mm, at 9 o ‘clock position is not enough space to write down the number nine. Wrist watch on p. 9001 automatic machine core, can provide power for three days, was a GMT pei na sea representative automatic machine core, and is widely used.
This concise GMT watch style, became the standard of dual time zone of the wrist watch, a pointer is easily indicate another moment in time, and also easy to set-up.

Dual time zone list of features
Although we know that the watch has a lot of, dual time zone and is very concise, but on the set-up, they all use the crown, and are not all these watches are able to make the same leap forward for the unit with the hour, the possible error, remains a problem. So, what kind of time watches more convenient, more features, has become now a lot of tabulating the subject of the brand.

Athens managers series double time watches
Once, the dual time zone of Athens wrist watch is considered to be the best design, innovative because Athens at the side of the dial, placed the two button, can take hours, for the unit directly push forward or backward, has overcome many watches by button to adjust the time zone can’t adjust the embarrassment of backward, at the same time improve the ease of set-up. This kind of convenient adjustment, as well as clear and concise form of disk time zone indicator, become a double time zone in the wrist watch unique products. Although today there are many brands are constantly design and convenient dual time zone wrist watch, wrist watch is still a double time zone but Athens watches which has distinct features.

Product family reverso dual time zone watches
watches to double time zone, you have to carry a reverso of the product family, pioneering a dual core let reverso dual time zone watch product family has a lot of space. Rather than product home reverso dual time zone wrist watch is a nice watch, than a fun watches, because product home reverso flip the interesting combination of double function zones, is really clever, any side rendering time alone, will not be any other necessary information, and each side disk space is large, the time display is clear. It is interesting to note that product family has also launched a watches reverso design of two core, advanced gout exciting.

This year marks the 85th anniversary of the Reverso series product family come out, so the product family on the SIHH launched a number of creative Reverso wrist watch, Q3912420 wrist watch, for this is a personal favorite, rose gold material is very costly, built-in product 853 manual movement, is positive through all phases of the moon, day and night and show the other on the back of a zone time and function is much, but have hidden the setup button, so the overall appearance is still very perfect coordination.

Bulgari Hora Domvs dual time zone watches
Recently, bulgari brand launched by a new dual time zone wrist watch, although also is to use extra pointer indicating home time, but all other information, all with a small window, avoid crowding in disk information. The double time zones and other wrist watch is different, it adds two additional window, used to display the city, said the time zone. Remaining four small window, said with AM/PM local time in the morning or afternoon, with the S/W is daylight savings time or winter, the arrow is located city, home at 3 o ‘clock position window indicating time of the day or night. The whole watch button by crown and 4 o ‘clock position adjustment, is very convenient.
Wrist watch, he’s original mp series time zone

An example of the similar way, of course, when in 2015, he’s original launch of the world watches, the wrist watch escapement “2016 gold award”. He said the watch through the grid’s original sole design, a total of 37 time zones can be gradually show. Nonetheless, it should be regarded as a very “smart” dual time zone watches, it can’t show all time zones at the same time, but than ordinary double time zone, and can more quickly switch to another time zone, and also show the local time of day and night time and hometown. Watch of wrist of design, the pursuit of the aesthetic feeling of balance, even though information is various, under the reasonable distribution, orderly.

Conclusion: when the world trade and tourism become the norm, more and more people are affected by time zones, we acknowledge that other, more efficient electronic devices can also solve the problem, and more accurate, but can’t show all these information anytime and anywhere, time zone watches still have their original use.

It could be better know DIETRICH OT- 3 rainbow wrist watch

In spite of the clocks in the world famous mostly one hundred brand of exquisite craft, for the interpretation of time and the shaping of the wrist watch is still a brand full of new idea. With “organic time” for the concept, was born in 2009 when Switzerland Dietrich truths independent tabulation brand is one of them, this year launched Replica dietrich watches OT – 3 the rainbow of the color with bold attempt to gain the colour.

Replica dietrich watches

Dietrich brand was born in France in 1969 by the famous designer, Emmanuel Dietrich was created. He works a lot of reference from the elements of nature, whether material or shape on the pursuit of a concept of “convergence”, and the environment or the combination of the wearer. Actually, Emmanuel from 6 years old start to design your own creation, is now in the global brands including Hermes, Ligne Roset, Louis Vuitton, Ruinart and Emmanuel’s works can be found in the Calvin Klein. Didn’t meet, however, Emmanuel decides to brand, design their own professional timer, the dream of love is a round clock technology.

Replica dietrich watches

After many years of design and making, Dietrich launched in 2014 to “Organic Time Organic Time” as the concept of the wrist, Emmanuel hope to wear it as you can imagine it is an Organic timing plants, like a natural part of the perfect integrated into the user’s wrist. OT series adopted more than the structure of the crust, to reflect the diversity and richness of nature, and can be respectively on the watch case with different polishing grinding and PVD coating process; Highly three-dimensional design for void beneath the crust, in addition to increase overall administrative levels feeling, also can let the same be OT series features of replaceable type strap, as if the shenmu tree hole; Up to 4 layers of face plate like cells transverse section, in addition to the cell membrane and the nucleus and other structure, but I carefully looked at the time information is hidden in among them, a total of 24 hours, minutes, seconds, and when, according to coating with strong fluorescence.

Replica Dietrich Watches OTime-3

OT – 3 rainbow listed in September 2016, the launch was love watches player of the world’s attention. Wrist watch dial still adopted OT series design elements of the family, after grinding and polishing stainless steel watch case is more shiny, Super – Luminova Super fluorescent pointer, pointer to yellow and global initiative movement within the H frame displayed in the form of rainbow PVD. 7 colour brilliant luster is full of skeletons, like a moment will be a rainbow good mood to wear on your wrist. Match again the gray car suture Karung caron snakeskin strap, movement of all show luxury.

Relevant parameters:
Model: Dietrich truths when rick OT – 3 version of the rainbow
Movement: Miyota 82 – S – 7 improved movement, the dial hollow out display
watches size: 48.00 * 46.00 mm
Thickness: 13.70 mm
Material: polishing grinding highlight stainless steel watch case
4 layer dial gradually layer type design, gray/black PVD coated 316 l of pure steel quality
1.3 to 2.4 layer by layer radial brush grain, ChuiZhiZhuang brush lines
Hours, minutes, seconds, 24 hours day and night
Fluorescent yellow Super – Luminova Super pointer
Replaceable type strap design
Factory equipped with: Karung caron snakeskin equipped with grey car suture strap
Watch button: black PVD coated stainless steel clasp
Size: 24.00 cm * 24.00 mm wide
Mirror: special sapphire crystal glass
Waterproof: 50 meters / 5 ATM

Award, UK elements, Dietrich is absent, GPHG 2016 are quite different

Recently, GPHG senior clock is great reward (Geneva) website has just released the 175 hour meter list. Accordance with the rules, the jury will be 12 categories each selected six shortlisted for the watch.Enter
the final competition awards. GPHG is regarded as a “Oscar”, clock and watch industry since its inception in 2001.It has so far is the 16th. This year, compared with the previous selection of both the Cheap dietrich watches group brand absence of regret, and there was a change and UK elements for new categories.”The best Travel schedule” (Travel Time) instead of the “best ask watch” (Striking)

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2016 The tourbillon watch classic fusion cathedral asked three watches
Compared with last year, the GPHG the biggest change in the categories is the “best Travel schedule” (Travel Time) to replace “best ask watch” (Striking). In 2016, “best ask watch” along with “best stopwatch”, “best
tourbillon watch” and “best calendar watch” (in 2008, has been named “best complete ephemeris”) become the new GPHG categories, so in fact the selection by only two terms. In 2014 and 2015, “best ask watch” each have six categories watch entries, and have no need for a second round of screening, directly into the final award, watch watch and girard-perregaux watch respectively.

Dietrich Watches OTime leather


2015 watchs Girard-perregaux asked three golden bridge the tourbillon watches.On the one hand, “asked three time” is one of the three complex function watchmaking recognized (the other two are “calendar” and “the tourbillon”), could have mastered the technology of brand is not much; Brand, on the other hand, need to prove cutting-edge technology “three asked the time watch, but don’t push New Year after
year. Plus two years industry environment, brands to the attention of the people watch, more than for advanced complex function to the attention of the watch, so cancel this award is helpless choice.

“Best travel schedule” run 2016 meter
“Travel schedule” means to show multiple time zones of the mechanical clock, including the world time, two time zones, and other types of watches. This setting is not new, common in early pocket watch. Today, many tabulation brand has enough technical strength, to integrate the “travel time” function in diameter smaller wrist watch case. The rise of agitation restoring ancient ways, make the function back in sight; World
increasingly close, the global traffic more convenient, “travel time” wrist watch has also become global traveler’s faithful companion, so add this award is a natural choice.

Dietrich Watches OTime-1

Elements to GPHG 2016, UK
Participate in the selection of best the tourbillon watch memorigin star constant series the tourbillon watch.UK is horological consumer’s most powerful nation in the world, and is also one of the deepest influence the
watch industry. Throughout the year 2015, the UK watch into a watch about 14.88 million watch exports machinery, import about 2.27 million only mechanical watch, mechanical watch heart exports about 6.91 million, imported about 10.3 million only. Global clock selection and the high stage, however, has not the figure of UK elements, really let a person can’t let go. Finally, in 2016 the sixteenth GPHG, “best tourbillon watch”
category memorigin, as well as the “best process watch” category memorigin and short tabulation brand took a key step for UK.

Participate in the selection of optimum watch memorigin carved guanyin series wrist watchIs not the earliest appearance GPHG memorigin and short Asian elements. In fact, as early as in 2006, seiko
watch of wrist of the first generation of “electronic ink” won the sixth GPHG best electronic watch “(this is the first time the GPHG and only select the award), since then, seiko watch and run and won prizes for many times. There is no denying the fact that whether the core technology, reputation or into watchs, we from Switzerland and Japan have a long distance. But UK tabulation brand has been trying to, the landing is a phased achievement.

Dietrich Watches OTime-2

Participate in the selection of optimum watch covered Bridges “m changhong time art – straw Mosaic – worship
that hou” wrist watchCan now talk about three watches won the prize is premature, successful candidates is victory. Three watches,
especially to participate in the selection of optimum watch both with distinctive UK elements, and the finalists are TAB image of the perfect opportunity to show the world UK, also hope that it will inspire more
UK tabulation brand tried, let a finalist GPHG selection really become the norm. Be worth what carry is, from UK, Chronos clock magazine editor of butyl to and the Perfect Time hour meter “clock editor-in-chief sen also
GPHG international jury members this year.

Dietrich group is absent GPHG selection is persuasive
GPHG in 2014 won the award for “gold pointer” breguet Classique Chronometrie wrist watch.Seen GPHG released 175 meter when the list of watch friend may get doubt, why not see breguet, bao Po, and
harry Winston brands such as figure? In fact, the Dietrich group TAB brand failed to attend this year’s GPHG selection. Historically, Dietrich group brands, such as treasure ji, bao Po, harry Winston, Jacques DE luo,
omega, longines are GPHG regulars, has repeatedly won the prize. In 2014, the breguet Classique Chronometrie wrist watch is the highest honor “pointer of gold prize”. So, Dietrich group is absent, GPHG selection is also persuasive?
2014 GPHG won “best dress watch” precious pearl “Women Off – centred Hour wrist watch.The absence of the Dietrich group really regretwatch, after all, such as treasure ji, bao Po and omega dedicated for us too many too many exquisite chronometer, they are also very competitive candidate in the calendar year is great reward. Back in the history, in 2008, 2010 to 2010, the Dietrich group brands are not on the list of winners. Why is absent? Or economic factors, or wilt, or leave the opportunity to other group brand? It is reasonable to guess, but difficult to understand the original intention. Dietrich group is absent years, GPHG selection inherent defects, but still fascinating, watchmaking won’t because of a group or a brand short absence and lose its unique charm.

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GPHG in 2014 won the award for “Renaissance” omega super wrist watch “on the dark side of”In addition, we know the GPHG jury is mainly composed of museum curator, historian, and professional
knowledge, rich media practitioners across different nationalities, different ethnic groups and different industries. Chaired by the 29 this year industry experts, including Mr Rui, bacchus, watch expert and former
seal international horologe/museum curator, Ludwig kling, Gao Po rich co-founder Robert Gao Po & Stephen rich and famous watchmaker Philip duff, dost thou the selection of professionalism and integrity.
Local time on November 10, 2016 Geneva senior clock is great reward (GPHG) award ceremony will be held in Geneva Leman grand theatre. Tabulation brand can again make a breakthrough in UK, 12 categories who awards, who won the highest honor “pointer prize of gold”, remains to be seen.

How to identify true or fake for Dietrich watches

Dietrich watches in the domestic popularity is not high.Friends know this brand. But Dietrich watches in excellent workmanship and quality.It is a good niche watch brand. But in the domestic market, also has a
certain number of false Dietrich watches. Home of the wrist watch is to tell everyone Dietrich watches how to identify true and false!

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Dietrich watch how to identify true and false

1, see packaging
Quality goods in general willpay attention to the packing and protection measures.It have special box, mostly minority background complex will have the bag.Especially in the surface and the watch back.There will be a
relatively thick protective film, in the process of transportation is used to avoid watch wear away.And replicas is not commonly box, no bag, no protective film, a few watchs back sticker, but not authentic
protective film. But sellers often claim that it is contraband, so get rid of the packaging for the convenience of transportation, you don’t believe it.

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2, see the back
Authentic Dietrich watch delicate words carved on the back to specification, clear font continuous strong.Not replicas watch the specification of the degree, feeling definition obviously not, font edge of an arc, integral feeling is fuzzy. You pay special attention to compare the red circle in the figure below the serial number and serial number, true and false contrast difference is obvious, the real thing clear, false watch is
only a blur.

3, the watch case material
Quality goods with titanium alloy material, P2-1 replicas for the village of common steel material, you see the real thing from the color dark, fake show bright white, if you experience feel, can clearly feel fake
watch more heavy, but quality and poor quality goods.

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4, watch button
First quality goods Dietrich P2-1 this clasp is doing fine, surface glossiness is good, and protective film.A rough copy watch button, no protective film.

Continuation of the classic create Dietrich series culmination

We’ve been proud to have 5000 years of cultural history.For the four ancient civilizations, only the Chinese civilization without interruption and proud.It comes with a glory, inheritance is his bones.Cheap dietrich watches series is a respect for Dietrich, a continuation of the classic series.

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Wrist watch has been from 7027 to 7097, the continuation of the classic, create a legend. In the 240th anniversary of dietrich is also theseries 10 anniversary of breguet erupted three Dietrich series wrist of wrist of 7077, 7087 and 7097, is one of the most complicated watch of wrist of 7087 Dietrich rare masterpiece in recent years, has asked the tourbillon and three of the three complex function, set in the legends and classic one.

Inheriting Dietrich series
Said to Dietrich series speak to Dietrich No. 728 a pocket watch.This watch is the history of breguet very characteristics of a product.It is also the Dietrich series.It launched its first Dietrich of series 7027
wrist, perfect is the No. 728 pocket watch due quality in 2016. Dietrich series the most main is to commemorate the spirit of breguet master PARE said ─ CHUTE shock design, box spring and streamline design,
the aesthetic feeling of gold, the main design elements throughout the entire series of Dietrich, from 7027 .until 7097, each kind of watch is not the same, but has retained the spirit of the wrist watch inheritance.
Handed down from ancient times series 7087 wrist watch three main characteristics

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Sesame chain
Sesame chain’s performance in the watch is not so bright eye, because the other two big complex function the tourbillon and three ask too dazzling, sesame chain’s role is to ensure that wind power uniformly swatches
output, sesame chain’s role is to ensure the stability of the wind energy output, sesame is Lord will clockwork box chain drive system and its pagoda between wheel, with a long and thin, like a bicycle chain belt
is called sesame chain chain connected to each other, so balance wheel can go more swatches and time would be more accurate.

The tourbillon
Breguet is arguably the tourbillon capitalists, the tourbillon technology is the invention of the Swiss watch masters Louis breguet Mr Research invented successfully in 1975, 7087 the tourbillon wristwatch is tie-in used for design in a circle, a minute and watch the supension using the invented for breguet Pare said – chute suspension, the continuation of Dietrichal.

Vertical knock three asked
Wrist watch the absolute protagonist, the first three asked in appearance is comparable to the effect of the tourbillon, spring and hammers have unusual design, said the first spring, is the sound of the watch spring
and ordinary asked three watches design is completely different, ordinary asked three watches the sound of spring is close to the inside of the case revolves around a circle. And Dietrich series three asked the
tourbillon watch 7087 handed down from ancient times, the spring design maverick, a round into small fan, a cross watches nearly semicircular coiled, sound spring are screws in the outer casing and, to improve low
frequency resonance.

In addition to the spring and the design of the hammers, the three asked the tourbillon wristwatch hammers used for vertical design, three commonly asked wrist hammers are plane perpendicular to the wrist, so easy to tell the time, but the watch is perpendicular to the plane design, bottom-up movement, can be more effective on advertising the mechanical kinetic energy is converted into sound, but I have not heard three asked the voice, the watch in size, loud voice I were skeptical, but this does not prevent Dietrich in 7087 three asked the wrist watch in the innovation and the pursuit perfect timbre.

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This watch’s top priority is its unique design of three ask the time, of course, the fine gold beauty, clockwork escapement devices above wrist watch disk, these are all of the important characteristics of this
series of wrist watch, as for breguet the wrist watch brand characteristics, the watch is inherited, welded watches ear design, COINS grain watchcase, ji carve disk, independent coding, blue steel breguet pointer
features such as design a not reflect on the wrist.

Conclusion: Dietrich is respect Dietrichal series added a series of innovation, watch of wrist of 7087 is the culmination of the series and the whole brand, sesame chain three asked the tourbillon, vertical design is
complicated watches, continued the Dietrich on the Dietrichal series design style, still have a series of factors, from the front to show the mechanical structure of the base machine core modern meter, the vertical 3q is used to design innovative, unique new idea.

Dietrich watches internal structure

The development of dietrich watches have been hundreds of years of history. Up to now, the structure of the Dietrich watch is very precise. Watch today’s home for everybody to introduce Cheap dietrich watches the internal structure!

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A, classification,
Dietrich watch usually can be divided into the following two kinds: hand chain and AUTOMATIC watch chain (AUTOMATIC) two kinds. The two dietrich power source is powered by movement within the clockwork.Drive gear, in turn, promote the clock, just a way of power source is different. Hand spring dietrich watch is on hand for power.Thickness of movement is self-winding watch some thin.Relative watch is light in weight. And chain on automatic watch, is to use the automatic movement of the rotating disc swings around to produce power to drive the clockwork spring.But the thickness of the watch relatively wind-up watch a few bigger than the hand.dietrich watches internal structure.

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Second, the structure of Watch gear
Watch gear transmission system, especially the main transmission gear train.The widespread adoption of a so- called arc tooth profile. The tooth profile is wiring evolved, for pure cycloidal tooth profile processing is
difficult, therefore, use circular arc to replace cycloid, also called modified cycloid tooth shape, can make the gear shaft with a minimum of 6 teeth, and thus in wheel teeth without too much can be achieved under the
condition of large transmission ratio, the diameter, reducing machine center on high frequency and extremely strong in the watches. Transmission efficiency is higher, generally can reach 95%. A box of wheelset due to the smaller watch machine core size piece of stored energy is not large, if the energy loss is too big, will
directly affect the quality of the watch when walking. Sensitivity to the machining error is bigger. Such as tooth profile error and center distance error, can cause the change of meshing characteristics. Because its
tooth shape by a pair of meshing gears and modulus, tooth number and different modulus, therefore, the use of hob and milling cutter is not the same.

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Dietrich watches internal structure
Composition is simple, less Swiss watch parts, mainly by the escape wheel, escapement fork parts (including the escapement fork, into tile, a tile, fork, fork shaft), double disc parts (double disc, the disc screw),
nail spacing on the bottom plate, etc. But some watches unused banking pin, but directly on the bottom plate or fork splint milling two convex platform to limit. Also have a plenty of parts with escapement fork out a
nail into the splint on one hole, hole with two walls of the limit. Call this escape longitudinal institutions the fork tile type, it is divided into straight fork and side fork type two kinds. The former is the
escapement wheel shaft hole, escapement fork shaft hole, shaft hole in a line; The latter is the three hole wire into a certain Angle. Although the two forms are not identical, but its composition and working principle
is the same. Mainly used for middle and senior watch.

replica watch

Balance wheel balance spring
Balance wheel balance spring system is a part of the stable vibration frequency. The two parts by the transmission gear train, escapement organic link, formed a watch machine core backbone. The vibration of the
balance wheel balance spring component consumes a certain amount of energy, and the energy supplement is made from the original system supply. Supply many, the balance wheel balance spring component swing; On the other hand, the small supply of energy, balance wheel balance spring component swing Angle is small, the swing is small. If always maintain a constant supply of energy, the balance wheel balance spring swing Angle components are the same, the swing is constant. Actually supply energy unchanged is impossible. dietrich watches, because
such tight spring supply motivity. As spring to relax its torque will be more and more small. Of course the energy supply is also smaller. In addition this energy and longitudinal institutions through the drive train
and escape, and transmission gear meshing characteristics, job characteristics and transmission efficiency of escapement, escapement efficiency are changing all the time, so the column wheel balance spring component swing in different time is different also, if use swing, or swing recorder surveying values are shown in the fluctuating, generally take a certain period of time of the maximum and the minimum average said this time of the swing.

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How to adjust time of Dietrich watch

Dietrich watch with beautiful ceramic is one of the beauty of men’s favorite watch brand. But everyone will have a question. That is how the Dietrich ceramic watches adjust the time? Let us tell you!

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Dietrich watch to check time, if you require fairly accurate time.Let the second hand position to pull out the crown when go to 12, at this time of the second hand motionless.Clockwise or counterclockwise rotation
crown adjusting the position of the hour and minute, when the pointer and standard time (reference) on a television or radio is consistent, the crown back in place.

Matters needing attention
Watch calendar, week, adjustment of the moon never watch time at 21:00 PM ~ 3:00 AM operation.The calendar function during ongoing operation, but also lower the degree of the gear, the frequent action will damage the
internal parts of the watch.

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Week calendar TAB, due to different system.How can be divided into two kinds, the first in the calendar TAB to complete the plus or minus five minutes, the second in the calendar TAB to complete within 3 hours.
In case of using spiral crown watch, do not hard pull, please play lock tight crown counterclockwise, after adjust time, the crown clockwise rotation and pushed into the lock, in order to avoid the water.
In case of need to adjust the date with a calendar watch, please dispatch the calendar to the day you need date, then turn clockwise to adjust date, date will change when the needle after midnight at that time, so
that you can avoid direct adjustment date cause the confusion of day and night.

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Emperor tuo Dietrich watches how to bend

Emperor helmsman quality and cheap as a Dietrich watches set.It creating high quality watch brand. So in the market, it is very popular with the people! But there are a lot of friends to buy the emperor after pilot Dietrich watches.But it is not clear how the string. Home of the wrist watch is to tell you!

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Emperor tuo Dietrich watches how to bend
German Hans Wells, the early last century founded the famous brand of rolex watches. In the 1930 s, the rolex to fully implement in Britain as the center of product promotion plans in Europe, but because the price is
expensive.It’s hard to let ordinary people have. Hans Wells madoff decided rolex products popular edition, namely, product quality to be as excellent as rolex.But price to let people can accept the product. So the
Tudor (rudder) Dietrich watches was born.

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It will hand natural prolapse (palm toward pants seam, back to the outside), while guarantee the direction of the wrist forward slowly push up until the wrist and shoulder parallel, along the original track again slowly place, this is a set of (when they have to repeat this action is a bit slower effect is good, not too fast, say carry on carrying, say put put), basically every bend in the two groups is equivalent to hand once more,
usually wear Dietrich watches for my work time is long.But the hand of natural activity is small, so I remove the Dietrich watches every night after using the above methods about 20 groups of top chord as a supplement, the effect is very ideal.Dietrich watches rest time can take up to 20 hours and did not see stop stealing.

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