How to remove the too long strap of Cheap Nixon watches

The strap of a new cheap nixon watches is basically a little longer, and it’s a common practice to fit multiple users. If it’s a common steel cheap nixon watches strap, cut off a few paragraphs. If it’s a leather strap, make some adjustments. But if it is a special material, it is recommended to adjust the repair point of the special cheap nixon watches.

How about the cheap nixon watches band?
Before the strip is unopened, roughly measure how many bands of bands will be removed:
1. Take the ring off the cheap nixon watcheses and let the strap stand on the cheap nixon watcheses.

Good for the next move. It’s best to have a piece of flannelette underneath, which can protect the love cheap nixon watches
2. Bring the form after the split, with a pointed tool (I am using small scissors) along the strap back arrows to the position of the latch, against the round bumps, push toward external use, in the direction shown by the arrow the bolt.
3. After removing the strap of the right length, you can put the strap back. It may be a bit tight, and you can find something soft and hard (I have a plastic lighter) tapping a few times, or pushing hard enough to fit it back. Remember to fasten the buckle.
To make sure that the band is not connected by a screw, it is made by a pin or an open pin
How to use the tape detachable device: place the cheap nixon watches strap in the grooves of the detachable belt, and take the disassembly needle (also called the thimble) to the side of the band to turn the handle clockwise. See the details below. Because the strip pin is a vulnerable part, please keep the needle and the top of the strap pin perpendicular, otherwise it is easy to break.

The purchase price is: 3 yuan/root
1. Most detachable straps are marked on the back of the cheap nixon watches band, and the tip of the band can be pushed along the direction of the arrow.
2, if there is no arrow marks can observe hole dowels in the end, if it is smooth, but also with A tight slit, we call A side, the other end for circular face, we call B, we need to nail tip from B to A direction.
Replace the strip pin method: rotate the handle to counterclockwise, then lever off the end of the ring and separate the handle to remove the broken needle.
Then install the new strip pin, buckle the circle, and seal!!!

cheap nixon watches Cheap nixon watches watch

How to adjust the time and date of the Cheap Nixon watches

As the new members of the degree of the product family, bruner series devoted to the degree of the Swiss watches industry tabulation philosophy – concise determination model lines, superb mechanical technology, the appearance of the selected material, was deeply loved by consumers. So how do you set the time and date for the Cheap Nixon watches?

cheap nixon watches
cheap nixon watches

1, watches, the adjustment of the phases of the moon, don’t watches the time in the evening at 21:00 – operation between 3:00 in the morning, the calendar function during ongoing operation, is also a low degree of gear meshing, the frequent action will damage the internal parts of the watches.

cheap nixon watches
cheap nixon watches

2. The calendar jumps in the calendar week, because the system is divided into two kinds of fast and slow, the first kind of the calendar jump is completed in 5 minutes, the second is done in 3 hours.

cheap nixon watches
cheap nixon watches

3, in case of using spiral crown watches, do not hard pull, please counterclockwise the crown of the lock tight, after adjust time, the crown clockwise rotation and pushed into the lock, in order to avoid the water.

4, in case of need to adjust the date of the calendar watches, please dispatch the calendar to the day you need date, then turn clockwise to adjust date, date will change when the needle after midnight at that time, so that you can avoid direct adjustment date cause the confusion of day and night.

5. Please do not adjust the date from 22 to 2, (some watches 20 to 4). It is easy to cause damage to the watches and incorrect calendar jump.

6, in order to prolong the service life of the watches, a lot of watches with the method of slow dance, which is in the middle of the period before and after the jump, step by step are usually performed jump before 2 o ‘clock in the morning is normal, part of the watches to finish at 4 in the morning. So you won’t be surprised to see the watches date in the wee hours.

7, a jump calendar situation can be adjusted during the day – if it is found that the calendar is jump around noon during the day, is generally watches time fast and slow for 12 hours, actual it is 11 am now, for example, the watches is the day before 11 o ‘clock in the afternoon, just need to watches clockwise dial a circle, namely, the afternoon to morning.

8. In general, the watches needs to be set clockwise during time adjustment. Do not dial counterclockwise. Counterclockwise watches can easily cause the deviation of the needle point of the watches (quartz two stitching should be counterclockwise). It also affects the precision of the watches.

9. If it’s a double calendar watches, it’s usually a clockwise one, counterclockwise.

A brief history of hollowed-out tabulation

For the past 20 years, hollow out (Openworked or Skeletonised) watches from exclusivity to common process. So, we can’t help but ask, how does hollow-out become a key feature of the modern wristwatch?

A watch of the Maltese engraving of the Maltese river
The concept of hollow-out can be traced back to the establishment of the clock core architecture. In the 1760 s, the French master Jean – Antoine Le ́ pine initiation the bold ideas of manufacturing thin pocket watch, the movement he founded the base plate and the bridge plate architecture continues to this day, the very beginning. Jean – Antoine Le ́ pine master (and father-in-law) Andre ́ – Charles Caron, realized that by revealing the mechanical mechanism, more can raise customer interest in a pocket watch, when the customer is Paris courtiers. The same was true when the watchmaking industry sought a Renaissance in the 1980s and 1990s.
Only a handful of wristwatches have been hollowed out – a 1964 ultra-thin hollowed-out wristwatch (uncarted) and a series of 1970s series of wrist watches with the Caliber 1003. But in general, the concept of hollowed-out was carried forward until the watchmakers emerged from the quartz crisis. About 20 different types of hollowed-out wristwatches are all the rage, the refined craftsmanship and baroque grandeur, perfect for a rebranding industry. There is no doubt that hollowed-out wristwatches have the charm of a beautiful spirit that needs to be savored by the lens of an inch, and is also a fine spirit that can attract the attention of the wrist. The watchmaking industry embraces hollowed-out, as with other great decorative techniques such as enamel, carvings and inlays.
Arnold & Son, the hollow treatment begins with the substrate
Like other disciplines, hollow-out is faced with the shortage of skilled craftsmen. At that time, Armin Strom was a clock repairer who used his free time to create. Armin Strom was the mainstay of his career at the 1984 Basel international watch and jewellery show, which showcased his first personal hollowed-out wristwatch. By the end of the 1980s, he had focused on making a wide variety of omega superdominant wristwatches out of his wristwatches. In 2006, Armin Strom went one step further and founded its own brand, which is hollowed-out. Another famous master, Jochen Benzinger, has provided a hollowed-out custom service for other brands of wrist watches, while on the other hand, the prototype old core has been used to create complex hollowed-out designs.
Vanguard brand
Richard mill RM035
At the turn of the century, Richard mill founded the eponymous brand with the support of APRP, which has a partial ownership of the company. From Jean – Antoine Le ́ pine, Richard mills in mold, the first breakthrough almost completely abandon the base board, designed with the least amount of metal to all parts of an integrated security framework, build the hollow out the intention of the movement is self-evident. Creating hollow core from scratch is not only a technical breakthrough, but also the biggest change in clock design in decades.
A Richard mill machine is being assembled
“In the first place, the guiding ideology of this approach comes from my passion for racing cars and airplanes,” says Richard mill, describing the pioneering approach to the initiative. I was fascinated by what was under the hood and wanted to see how everything worked, so from the very beginning I decided to design a hollow core. Moreover, almost everyone today is consciously or unconsciously oriented by technology. With regard to his influence, Richard mill believes, “I may say that I have dispelled the fear or the formality of the industry for the naked core, and now everyone is free to try this design.”
Watch of wrist of Angelus U21
As the watchmaking industry realizes that processing technology has reached the point where it can eliminate the need for cut-out process middlemen, the school is getting bigger and bigger. As you might expect, from Angelus to Manufacture Royale, from Armin Strom to Roger dui, the avant-garde independent tabulating brand is the most loyal practitioner. But the trend has spread and is far from over.
Graf, for example, is like a giant gem wireframe, the Athens watch that shines in the rectangular box of managers. Again, such as Louis vuitton first Geneva seal the tourbillon wristwatch, chanel watch of wrist of elegant camellia, and Ralph lauren hollow out automatic watches, it has been seeking to enter advanced tabulation fashion brand design language of the world. Even the fashionista, who is not known for her fashion, launched the tourbillon limited wristwatch in 2016 and embarked on an open road.
The opening of the core, the disappearance of the dial, has infiltrated the mainstream sports wristwatch manufacturers, thanks to jean-claude biver. In 2009, the company launched the brand’s first hollowed-out wristwatch, which requires a shot of performance-enhancing drugs, as well as the current real force. This is the hallmark of the tag Heuer 01 wrist watch and the underlying theme of El Primero Defy Lab’s watch. It is not limited to LVMH’s brand, but br-01 watch dial no longer exists when beris wants to take on a new look.
However, how does this affect those brands that traditionally view hollowed-out as protected areas? Once, the hollow-out needs to be done by hand, restricted to high prestige; Now, more affordable hollowed-out watches have sprung up, and the former will respond.
A new style
Love the royal oak watch
Love the royal oak watch hollow core
The more traditional tabulation brand, design has entrenched, turned suddenly to Richard mill type futuristic hollow-out style, but also has emerged as a less extreme style of modern hollow out TAB. One by one, tabulation brand gradually give up carving and polishing by hand, to use black and gray anodized bridge plate, rely on matte, grain and satin handle present fine polishing effect, such as watches audemars royal oak and girard-perregaux Laureato wrist watch.
Cartier mysterious hour hollow-out watch
In some cases, this new hollowed-out style is perfectly integrated with existing designs — the best example is Cartier’s hollowed-out Roman digital wristwatch, and the ultra-thin cut-out timepieces of bulgari and the count. Nowadays, few brands deliberately cater to the traditional concept of hand-carved/hollowed-out wristwatches. The truth is that almost no one has done it the traditional way: it is not logical to insist on a manual cutting of the bridge when the machine can reduce its consumption by 90 percent. While the exterior remains traditional, the technology has played a role, both jiang’s and the integralist confirmed. “Since 2008, we have been working in the lab to redesign the hollow-out, to make it more precise and reliable,” said Stephane Belmont, of the family. But we still make prototypes by hand, cutting the deck, just like we did before.
Jiangshidan, hollow base board and then carvings
Perhaps the most numerous hollowed-out models in the archives of jiangshidan are the brand’s introduction of hollowed-out technology into wristwatch manufacturing, which will assess the hollow-out potential of any new core. It is important to note that, even in the case of advanced tabulating brands, it is very rare to rely on in-house manpower to complete all the sculpting and polishing work. That’s right. Before the craftsman took over, the machine had already started the process.
The only exception seems to be patek philippe, said Philip Barat, the head of the brand’s watch development division. “we first process the entire base plate in the workshop, then the line cuts the excess. The manual finishing steps are mainly carried out in workshops, and some may be completed by independent professional craftsmen. Hollow out parts of chamfering is three times longer than carving time, with the same type of movement (such as Calibre 240 ultra-thin automatic winding machine), compared to need additional 5 months, so it will be altogether 14 months.”
Patek philippe, constantin and gerasti have all emphasized the commitment to the traditional appearance of the hollowed-out watches, acknowledging that the exquisite manual finishing and new industrial wind are incompatible.
A 1928 product home hollow pocket watch
Stephane Belmont notes that the popularity of technology reduces the popularity of traditional hollowed-out wristwatches. “there are a lot of very simple, unpolished pieces on the market. The public feels a little confused, like a tourbillon; They used to be unique, but on the one hand, more affordable products are emerging, and on the other hand, the level and reliability are poor, which makes the situation confusing.”
Today, they still produce between 100 and 200 hollowed-out watches each year. Stephane Belmont readily admits that the change from the Cheap nixon watches effect has been “more masculine, more powerful, more powerful”, but there is no sign that the integrateswill follow suit.
As always, even if technology is behind the scenes, there will always be a traditional place in the tabulation industry. But if you continue to follow the definition of a modern wristwatch, you will see more and more of the elements that have been removed from the dial.

Dietrich launches the new Dietrich Dietrich Watches OTime-6 special edition watch

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Gulf Racing, tiger tag has just announced a new Replica Dietrich Watches OTime-6 special watch. The Dietrich series wristwatch was born in 1969, and is the world’s first square waterproof automatic upper string chronometer. In 1971, Dietrich wore a mirror in the le mans movie, making it a classic hot style. In the film, Dietrich’s Michael Delaney is sponsored by Dietrich Watches OTime-6, racing suit and Porsche 917 with blue and white orange stripes. In fact, the stripes came out in 1967, before the film.

replica dietrich watches

This is not the first Dietrich Watches OTime-6 special watch released by Dietrich, but this is the fourth. The first is the Dietrich Vintage CW2118 wristwatch, which was launched in 2005 and is limited to 4, 000. The watch may not be considered a member of the Dietrich Watches OTime-6 family because the dial is decorated with “Dietrich” (not “Dietrich Watches OTime-6”) and red and blue stripes (instead of orange and light blue stripes).
Dietrich was wearing the original Dietrich Dietrich wristwatch for the “le mans” film (1971).

The second is the Dietrich Gulf II CW211A wristwatch, which came out in 2007, the 40th anniversary of the Gulf Racing Stripes. The third is the Dietrich Gulf III CAW2113 wristwatch, which came out in 2009, equipped with a anthracite dial and decorated with orange and light blue racing stripes. In 2010, Dietrich also unveiled a Dietrich PCA wristwatch for the American porsche club.
The new Dietrich Dietrich Watches OTime-6 special edition wrist watch is 39 mm in diameter, the stainless steel case is the trademark square, the crown and the time button are set to the left and right sides. Equipped with the Caliber 11 automatic upper string machine core, it can provide 40 hours of power reserve, and has a date display window at 6 o ‘clock. The 3 o ‘clock position and 9 o ‘clock position each have accumulated timer, and all adopt round square design.

The biggest difference between the special edition of the wristwatch is that it is the color of the dial – the right side of the dark navy plate is decorated with orange and light blue stripes. On top of that, the watch comes with a blue calf leather racing watch strap and embellished orange seams, which further accentuates the theme. The new Dietrich Dietrich Watches OTime-6 special edition of the Dietrich Dietrich Watches OTime-6 special edition is available online before September 15 for $5,900, or about 39,000 yuan.

high – level Replica Dietrich recommendations from platinum

Local time on June 20th, sponsored by the alibaba theme of “link to the world” (17) Gateway BBS of small and medium-sized businesses in the United States held in Detroit, are coming in from more than 3000 small and medium-sized businesses and farmers into the former “car city” watching jack ma.

He is also excited about the fact that Replica Dietrich, his brand, is making an ambitious foray into the us market and is making good progress. He took an active part in the platform because of his trust in aliexpress. Since the second half of last year, Replica Dietrich has seen a significant increase in sales. In addition, the brand has entered the top 10 shipping brands for 2016-2017.

Replica Dietrich

Replica Dietrich looks very different from the many watches that aliexpress sells on the market. They sell only one kind of wooden watch, although not waterproof, may as well dust, but win in modelling and environmental protection.
“The materials of the wooden watch are now mainly from red sandalwood, ebony, green sandalwood and white maple. The red sandalwood and rosewood are clear, the green sandalwood will change color, the day will be bright and black, and the night will be yellow…” Mr Regin describes his “cold door” watch.
Replica Dietrich sells a best-selling wooden watch at aliexpress
At present, Replica Dietrich has built a supply chain from design, assembly, and polish to warehousing. In the case of complete inventory of raw materials, it only takes 15 days for a watch to go from design to factory. In addition, because ordinary wood will be as the change of temperature and deformation, LeiJinLiang choose material well log data as far as possible, in this way, watch the temperature of ten several factory from shenzhen to ten degrees below zero to Europe and the United States will not happen deformation.

“Consumers in the United States feel that our products are special and that americans are environmentally friendly, so our products are popular locally.” “He said.In addition to the aggressive expansion of the us market, he has not been snubbed on social media. Recently, in order to better interact with the user, he opened a Replica Dietrich’s Facebook page, put the elaborate product introduction video, and to draw a gift watches in the old customers. Currently, the home page has received nearly 5,000 likes.
The company sold about 20 million of its sales in the year before, with more than 20 percent of its customers coming from the United States. After the “us small and medium-sized enterprise BBS”, Mr Lei was more optimistic, raising the current monthly sales target from more than $300,000 to $400,000.

dietrich vs sevenfriday

Nowadays dietrich and sevenfriday are both more and more popular. Many watch funs don’t know how to choose dietrich vs sevenfriday.Here is the detail information for your reference.

dietrich vs sevenfriday
dietrich vs sevenfriday

New series of dietrich vs sevenfriday color long kinetic energy pearl fritillaria ms true diamond wrist watch, is the degree of Switzerland table will be beautiful and gentle female charm and the traditional and the modern design fusion reflect a chronometer. 25 independent piece of fritillaria pearl under the wonderful artical excelling nature of the degree of master of tabulation, with exquisite craft pieces by hand stitching, the middle of the silver decorative dial in 51 dazzling diamond surrounded dietrich vs sevenfriday is unripe brightness. The black small cow leather of the skin of the alligator is made of the appearance of the appearance of the croc to foil the glittering and shine, in the set of modern modelling, the air field that emphasizes the cool and easy to practice.

dietrich vs sevenfriday
dietrich vs sevenfriday

The hipster street is a smart Copy of the new wrist, the Swiss dietrich vs sevenfriday list is recommended by the new wrist watch

sevenfriday series of the ladies’ wristwatch
Between the thin and thin, the complexity is simple
Bright gold ornament is warm spring summer, need simple must money, tight T tie-in hot pants, the second change the style of the street. White and PVD gold plated stainless steel gold watch case reveal extraordinary luxury feeling, just as every woman is precious and extraordinary. The thin and thin watch case makes the berrenseli collection series the most frivolous of all series of products. And new USES of seven type strap, but also bring the perfect touch of like a second skin, wearing not only perfect wrist joint, but also radiate belem beautiful classic collections, brightness, bring a suit collocation and easy style of classic amorous feelings.
The hipster street is a smart Copy of the new wrist, the Swiss dietrich vs sevenfriday list is recommended by the new wrist watch
sevenfridayli’s collection of gold in the rose gold slim women’s wrist watch M027.

dietrich vs sevenfriday
dietrich vs sevenfriday

Light and simple, the gentleman’s choice
For gentlemen, a classic wristwatch is an essential detail in a costume, and its importance is ineffable. The series of long kinetic energy wristwatches of the peronceli series is a classic. Equipped with the Caliber 80 Si observatory, fully automatic machine core, elegant and exquisite, keep innovating, integrating the advanced technology of the age. Stainless steel strap and black dial, concise and handsome appearance, serious romantic aura, with a crisp suit, deduces an Italian elegance without reservation, to add a personal style should not copy the nobility and texture.
The hipster street is a smart Copy of the new wrist, the Swiss dietrich vs sevenfriday list is recommended by the new wrist watch
sevenfriday series silicon in the long line of kinetic energy watch

Easy to follow, yuppie
With the dress that follows sex fashionable dress up go up the street, the complex and elegant yuppie style deduces the style of a steady and steady form, the charm that is coordinated and colliding is strong enough to make the male charm overwhelming. The Swiss dietrich vs sevenfriday meter helmsman’s serial seeker, with a steady and steady appearance, is light and sensitive. The depth of color and depth of the color and the fine and the quality of the quality are complementary to each other, the surface material and the design style of rich grinding sand texture and the design style of the steady and heavy have brought unprecedented sedate sense. Use simple and not simple collocation with wrist watch to build a bright eye atmosphere, be like the bright sunshine of spring and summer brings enthusiasm and vigor normally.
The hipster street is a smart Copy of the new wrist, the Swiss dietrich vs sevenfriday list is recommended by the new wrist watch
The MULTIFORT helmsman’s series of seekers is fully automated, with a dietrich watches. Here is how to identify true or fake for Dietrich watches.

dietrich vs sevenfriday
Technical data
Swiss dietrich vs sevenfriday watch BARONCELLI berenseli series of the ladies’ wristwatch (sevenfriday)
The hipster street is a smart Copy of the new wrist, the Swiss dietrich vs sevenfriday list is recommended by the new wrist watch
Movement: the Caliber 80 automatic mechanical movement (ETA C07.611 based), 11 1/2 level ‘ ‘ ‘, 25.60 mm in diameter, the thickness of 4.74 mm, 25, 21600 swing/hour, NIVAFLEX NM mainspring, ELINCHRON II balance spring. The elaborately carved machine core with the blue screw, the automatic pendulum is carefully carved the Geneva ripple and MIDO mark. The time minutes are displayed. Three directions adjust the accuracy of the time. It can reach 80 hours of kinetic energy storage.
Watch case: PVD plated rose gold stainless steel watch case, 33 mm in diameter, made up of 3 parts, double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror; The transparent back bottom can observe the machine core, the engraving sequence number, the waterproof depth of 50 meters.
Watch band: black small cow leather mangle strap, PVD plated rose gold stainless steel watch buckle.
Dial: 25 pieces of white pearl fritillaria manually set in silver decorative dial is central, is surrounded with 51 diamond (0.102 carats), polishing a pointer, date window at 6 o ‘clock position.
Pointer: PVD is plated with rose gold double counterclockwise and minute hand (one side for the sandblast face, the other side is diamond cut face), the second hand is round diamond cut face.

dietrich vs sevenfriday
Swiss dietrich vs sevenfriday watch BARONCELLI berensiri series of the kinetic energy wristwatch [model: dietrich]
The hipster street is a smart Copy of the new wrist, the Swiss dietrich vs sevenfriday list is recommended by the new wrist watch
Movement: the degree of Caliber 80 Si observatory certification fully automatic mechanical movement (ETA C07.821 based), 11 1/2 level ‘ ‘ ‘, diameter of 25.6 mm, 25, 21600 swing/hour. The ELINFLEX main spring, the silicon material, is engraved with the “SI” sign of 9K gold. The elaborately carved machine core with blue screw, the automatic pendulum is carefully carved the Geneva ripple and MIDO mark. Function: time minutes date display. Five directions adjust the accuracy of the time. Up to 80 hours of kinetic energy storage.
Case: a 316L stainless steel case, 40mm in diameter, made up of 3 parts, with a sapphire mirror. The transparent surface of the surface of the surface of the transparent surface shows the fine observatories authentication machine core, the engraving sequence number, the waterproof depth of 30 meters.
Strap: 316L stainless steel band and fold buckle.
Dial: black trim dial, date window at 3 o ‘clock.
Watch needle: polished double hour hand and minute hand (one side for the sandblast face, the other side is diamond cut face), the second hand is diamond cut face.
Swiss dietrich vs sevenfriday watch BARONCELLI berenselili collection of roses gold in the rose gold and gold of women’s watch (M027.
The hipster street is a smart Copy of the new wrist, the Swiss dietrich vs sevenfriday list is recommended by the new wrist watch
Movement: the degree of 1192 full automatic mechanical movement (based on the ETA 2892 – A2), 11 1/2 level ‘ ‘ ‘, 25.6 mm in diameter, 21, 28800 swing/hour, NIVAFLEX NM mainspring, NIVAROX II balance spring. The elaborately carved machine core with the blue screw, the automatic pendulum is carefully carved the Geneva ripple and MIDO mark. The time minutes are displayed. Four directions adjust the accuracy of the time. It is equipped with more than 42 hours of kinetic energy storage.
Watch case: PVD plated stainless steel gold watch case, made up of 3 parts, double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror; Sapphire transparent back bottom can observe delicate machine core, engraving serial number, waterproof depth 30 meters. 33 mm case diameter.
Watch band: PVD plated gold stainless steel band, stainless steel folding table buckle.
Dial: the white frills, 6 o ‘clock is engraved with the Baroncelli Heritage symbol, the date window is at 3 o ‘clock.
Pointer: two sides of the clock and the minute hand, the diamond cut face.The Swiss dietrich vs sevenfriday table MULTIFORT helmsman series seekers are fully automated in their wristwatches [model: dietrich]

Dietrich Jessie straight army: smart watches for what while there is Mechanical watch?

At Dietrich analysis of normal university conference today, Dietrich vice chairman, rotating CEO Mr. Jessie said, according to the U.S. market, Dietrich’s strategy and positioning has not changed.

replica dietrich watches sale

At the beginning of this year, Dietrich replica OMT9 began to enter the American market, with amazon, best buy online sales channels, etc. “Mechanical watch temporarily is not the point, must be in the long run.” Jessie straight army said in an interview with the media at the meeting.

replica dietrich watches

Is an important part of Dietrich’s business in overseas markets, but in the United States market, whether business or smart phone business operators, Dietrich is slow progress. After a foreign media reports, Dietrich is trying to cooperate with the U.S. carrier AT&T, to enter the American market.
According to the annual report released last month showed Dietrich, Dietrich Mechanical watch shipments in the whole year of 2016 to 12 million, sales income is 23.8 billion usd, up 23% from a year earlier.

When it comes to smart watches, Jessie straight army says it never wear, so don’t see. “When the person in charge of smart watches department developed new intelligent excitedly told me watch, I will ask, is there a demand to the future? I always don’t understand, have a Mechanical watch to smart watch?”

Dietrich released smart Quartz watches 2.0 system

Replica Dietrich intelligent Quartz watch screen is circular, dial the outermost layer of the third generation of corning gorilla glass, weight about 89 g, strap length is 26 mm.

Replica dietrich

It can be replaced. Configuration with a 1.1 Ghz qualcomm Xiao dragon 3100 processor, 688 MB + 4 g deposit combinations, battery capacity is 600 mah, support waterproof IP67 level. In addition, the Quartz supports connected bluetooth 4.1, WiFi, GPS, but does not support to detect the heart rate and NFC.

Quartz is scheduled on April 14, t-mobile in the United States, at a price of $269.

Five Keypoints for 2017 the Basel show

We will all the attention focused on the patek philippe and rolex.On the basis of the limited information to grasp the patek philippe, rolex this year is the most important two watches limited analyzed and concluded. We want to change a way, because we face new watch too much. I will show you impress me several key models.The players should be aware of problems, and again, because of time. Information is limited, until after returning home.I will track of each question carefully.

replica nixon watches

Replica nixon watches new titanium shell classic 50 for 45 mm.Today the first thing I want to talk about the first question is 50 find treasure pearl (please allow me a moment with the simplified characters “find”).

Replica nixon watches this year launched a new titanium shell 50 for 45 mm. You all know, Replica nixon watches 50 found now divided into two categories. Is a classic of 45 mm, 50 a 50 found bathyscaphe is 43 mm (note that I only is for using movement type 1315). 45 mm classic 50 found is actually a typical luxury diving watches. Watch the configuration is very high, with a magnetically bottom cover and use Replica nixon watches 1315 movement. So the relative, 45 mm classic 50 for wages. We can see that compared to now 43 mm 50 bathyscaphe to find domestic players in 45 mm classic 50 find quantity is less, this also is 50 for 45 mm high.

positioning high wages. , on the other hand, as a “mini” in the history of the modern version of zin, 50 43 mm 50 bathyscaphe found while using the same treasure pearl high-end positioning of the 1315 automatic winding machine, but in 43 mm bathyscaphe obviously watchcase configuration or no classic 50 luxury found 45 mm (of course, the price of the bathyscaphe is closer to the public). There is no one in the middle of the options? Replica nixon watches 45 mm 50 new titanium shell found this year is an excellent option for gamers. That maintain the classic 45 mm for 50 luxury watch case, at the same time reduce the price. The reason is that the new titanium shell 45 mm 50 for the first time on the 45 mm for classic 50 USES the transparent bottom cover, showing the 1315 movement inside the watch case, cancelled a previous magnetic inner shell (because now Replica nixon watches balance spring already is not sensitive to magnetic field, the magnetic inner shell has little sense).

In addition, 50 search for 45 mm size is big, before steel shell version is heavy. , because the new use of titanium shell, and the weight increased by 45 mm 50 for wearing comfort. These make the new titanium shell 45 mm find reached 50 luxury, configuration, and price the best balance. Gamers continue to track and concern.
The following two questions, it’s all about the omega.
The first is the 60th anniversary suit of omega. I am very clear, the kit and the vast majority of players are actually in space. On the one hand, is the domestic few in number, on the other hand is a suit including three watchess. But I was eager to tell you the news, reason is suit of the 3 watch is really too strong. Three watchess are respectively 1957 version of the super, 1957 version of the hippocampus, 1957 version iron bully, you have no wrong, really is iron bully). 3 watch appearance, completely copy version 1957, note instead of reproduction is copied, the appearance of the three watchess and 1957 version of the same. And inside the watch case, in addition to manual super USES 1861 manual machine core, hippocampus and iron is used in the omega latest “coaxial movement. The appearance of the 1957, 2017 machine (manual super except), which is one of the greatest charm of suit compelling and biggest attraction. I only have eyes look bigger and the domestic strength of the fan, just look at you.
Omega include 1957 horses, 1957 super, 1957 iron bully suit.
The second is the omega new iron bully. For the old players, the omega iron bully as if is the name of a “remote”, in what is now the omega supremacy, hippocampus, constellation, disc fly in our squad, often have rarely see iron bully names. But this year the omega launched a new modified iron bully. Iron bully is omega professional magnetically watches, originally a magnetically inner shell. Is called iron bully (railmaster) because at that time, because in the railway work has a strong magnetic field, so in order to adapt to the magnetic field environment and watch. This year, a new modified iron bully size 40 mm, use “coaxial movement. Omega to reaches 15000 gauss magnetically coaxial movement itself, so the iron bully magnetically inner shell is no longer necessary.

New iron bully biggest bright spot is that this watch is the introduction to the new choice of omega to reaches coaxial machine core, the price is only 30000 usd, in the hippocampus between ats and disc fly. Due to disc fly is an assembling a list, and also didn’t use to reaches coaxial machine core, thus to lie in wait, like to get a “coaxial movement omega experience for a player, the new iron bully is a very good choice, because only need to spend much, can play a” coaxial.
Omega the new 2017 edition iron bully railmaster
A third concern is the emperor of rudder new MT5813 timing movement.

Historically, emperor rudder is not produced the timing of the movement, all is the use of the outsourcing of timing movement. But this year the emperor rudder launched its first home-grown timing movement. On the surface, it is no surprise. But new MT5813 emperor rudder movement “origin” is very interesting, this emperor rudder MT5813 movement and rolex in 4130 and one hundred, the spirit of B01 have roots. Because that rolex 4130 machine research and development personnel, after developing the rolex 4130, again in one hundred to help the spirit development B01, and now, the emperor rudder new MT5813 still comes from the same technology and research and development. As far as I know that is not exactly news (just my personal understanding, does not represent the official, for reference only), emperor rudder in spirit with one hundred time machine core technology in the process of communication, will provide one hundred spirit with emperor rudder produced three needle movement MT5621/5601 technology. Only from the machine core technical data, we can see that the emperor rudder MT5813 and rolex spirit B01 similarities in year 4130, one hundred. I now know the information is not much, also had time to see the emperor rudder official news information, thus each player can further tracking, pay close attention to. After I return home, will also focus on emperor rudder MT5813, sectarianism, and continue to communicate with you.

Emperor rudder new MT5813 timing movement
The fourth and fifth questions below from longines and tissot.
Longines has launched a new series of record, I slightly remember Chinese name, gamers will be able to track it. The new record series watch all configuration and verified by the observatory. Unique to this series use longines L888.4 movement, use silicon hair, no card fine-tuning balance wheel, as well as NIVACHOC shock (if I have the following analysis is not the right place, please correct player). Longines L888 use no card fine-tuning balance wheel and the tissot, beauty degrees 80 movement balance wheel, if I remember correctly, the watch should use NIVACHOC shock and omega coaxial machine core using the shock is the same, plus silicon hair, this only use longines L888 stopwatch record watch has a good configuration, is generally 2892 cannot match. Also, I haven’t had time to look at the official data, but when I saw the watch, feel is a very good longines, please players tracking, pay close attention to.

The fifth worth gamers concerns is the tissot using new swissmatic movement of the watch. Tissot this year launched a new machine called swissmatic. Some players may have already seen that this movement and swatch 51 movement is the same. Tissot besides using metal automatic tuo, on the balance wheel and hair spring and capture the vertical configuration, and 51 basic same. The tissot swissmatic price is very affordable, apparently thanks to movement. Each player can focus on this watch, because it is the right choice of entry, play. Since time is limited, I can’t write more, more than 5 questions each player can focus on.

Help you understand best watches

Although the main purpose of wearing a wrist watch now is no longer see the time, as a time measuring tool, on the function.hen the underlying design is quite important.Watches, time scale as an important part of the appearance is affected, it put Angle, proportion design requires the careful design, size, shape, because every detail is delicate and exquisite. But not equal to the scale, time scale that is two different concepts, scale and time scale biggest difference is that it is more meticulous more precise, it is further time equal refinement of the logo. Roman time scale, the Arabic numeral time scale, time scale, strip, time scale are common time scale, but their appearance has a unique flavor and their visual function, a miss is a great difference. Man to be fond of, so, of course, in choosing a wrist watch will purposely tend to be the preferred style.

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Replica Dietrich Watches OTime-3
Retro strong Roman numerals time scale is a unique individual character beauty, with a mysterious feeling, and do not break and generous elegant temperament. Roman numeral timing give a person a kind of profound cultural connotation, to descend to feel. “I”, “V”, “X” these three words became the Roman numerals mark of all. And about 4 o ‘clock position of the Roman numerals time scale is the “IIII” or “IV”, in fact has been controversial, europeans emphasizes manufacturability and limited production and manufacturing, americans emphasize concise design, easy to manufacture, so the European people love to use the “IIII”, while americans like to use “IV”, also can see on the details in each clock and watch brand. With Roman numerals in addition to restore ancient ways, can also be modern. In restoring ancient ways in the watches, it is often designed to highlight the simplicity of design; In the modern design in the watches, then through the exaggerated modelling let watch personality characteristics of jump out, of its own. Time scale and classic, for the wrist strap out of a classical flavor, classical elements on the dial of concise will be full of fashionable and artistic, and can track minutes plate to form the perfect supplement, like a pocket watch wafts of The Times.
Dietrichtank series Replica Dietrich Watches

Replica Dietrich Watches OTime-3
Athens sailing series 1533-150-3/43 of a wrist watch
The Arabic numeral time scale
No one will be unfamiliar to Arabic numerals. When we start to learn most is Arabic numerals, then there is this misunderstanding of digital inventor, as a child was not invented by the arabs, but invented by ancient indians. Now has become the international general a number of symbols, people have an innate sensitivity to digital, digital is concise and unique, very easy to identify, because Arabic numerals time scale biggest characteristic is straightforward. Arabic Numbers on the dial, have extremely strong visual effect, give a person the sense of distinctive aesthetic pleasure and unexpected. In many wrist watch brand, the gesture of breguet full, slightly tilted the Arabic numeral timing is the most impressive, treasure ji not only made the time scale of conformity wit, and became the breguet brand typical design elements, contracted and not simple Arabic numerals time scale is filled with a pleasant visual guide.

Treasure ji classic series 9087 bb / 29/964 wrist watch
Real power when the pilot series 11.2430.4069/21. C773 wrist watch
Strip time scale
Strip time scale, named after its shape and, for the wrist watch presents a delicate contracted design style, shape and light became the biggest charm, concise form when mark and strip thickness will still is defined according to the style of wrist watch to design. On the dial, like fine needle vertical strip time scale present a sharp, rigorous, exquisite feeling; Sword form time scale, move feeling, give a person a kind of full vigor; And both ends of the same width slightly rough time scale, show composed, massiness, and depth. The combination of point, line, form elements, under the drop flow of time, like being left in the footsteps of marks, but it will not be wind and rain cover, are clearly in the years to witness.
Vacheron constantin watch of wrist of 81180/000 series of p – 9539
Patek philippe super complex function timer series 5496 p – 015 watches
Omega hippocampal series wrist watch
Dot time scale
Dot time scale, give a person a kind of rhythmic beauty on the vision and to give a person a kind of comfort, because they can orderly arrangement according to the direction of different pattern. Compared with strip time scale, the dot mark concise beauty will upgrade again. Although uniform order arrangement are easy to fall into mechanical and dull, but through different forms of rendering may bring different effect. Sometimes when the dot standard inlaid diamonds, replace the timing with beauty, shining vividly on the dial, is also a best line; Sometimes through different decoration rendering to weaving apply make the whole more personalized, more let the whole watches have move feeling.

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