It turns out that you are such a super complex Replica Dietrich watches

Whether you like it or not, you have to admit that the design is very distinctive. With an alternative look and domineering night light, Replica Dietrich watches has countless fans around the world, and even the fake watch market is extremely hot.
Front and back of the Replica Dietrich watches OTime-3
Most of the Replica Dietrich watches watches are simple to use, so I was a bit surprised that this time the Replica Dietrich watches came out with a super complicated OTime-3 watch. Although it was unexpected to me, it was reasonable. That’s because Replica Dietrich watches did it back in 2010, when it came up with a wristwatch that had super-complicated functions like a tufette and a time equation.

The OTime-3, launched this year, could be considered a 2.0 version of the 2010 watch. OTime-3 the official name of the called L ‘Astronomo – Luminor 1950 Tourbillon Moon Phases Equation of Time GMT wrist watch. The name alone tells you how many brushes this watch has, and it’s true. It includes the complex functions of tuofei wheel, moon phase, time equation and time between two places. The name was too long to breathe. Let’s call it OTime-3 for convenience’s sake.
Replica Dietrich watches OTime-3 USES the Luminor 1950 shell
With a diameter of 50 mm, the OTime-3 is undoubtedly a big one. But the Replica Dietrich watches is so accustomed to being “big” that a 50mm watch is not particularly “scary” to wear on your hand. And to be fair, the watch is not heavy, the secret lies in the shell material – titanium.
Titanium is known to be light. We Chinese are not as big as europeans, and if the 50mm case were made of stainless steel, I don’t think there would be many people who could handle it. The watch has also been hollowed out on the dial, naturally lighter weight.
I was a little surprised to see this watch. It has a calendar, and the dial has been hollowed out. But except for the calendar of the day shown at three o ‘clock, other calendar Numbers are almost invisible. Originally, the Replica Dietrich watches used innovative technology.
OTime-3 watch hollow dial The dial is hollowed out
In general, when a hollow-out table has a calendar window, the calendar disk below covers some of the core structure. So, on the front, it doesn’t look like much fun, because there’s always a part of it that’s blocked off by the calendar plate, and it’s kind of like dancing in irons. One of the innovations of this watch is to magically remove the shackles.
The calendar window is made of polarizing crystal, while the calendar disk is made of borosilicate glass. Brand introduction explanation in enough detail, according to my understanding, calendar plate Numbers above boron silicate glass should be with the microstructure of laser micro etching a similar grating, in that case, digital light is polarized light reflected from date, date of digital located elsewhere, various mixed light, visible to the naked eye can’t discern the polarized light, only in the number under the calendar window, the polarized direction and the polarization direction of Windows, so the noise is filtered out all light, the human eye can only see polarized light display Numbers!
All in all, because of these materials, you can see only the 3 o ‘clock calendar of the day, and the other calendar Numbers seem to be “invisible”. This ensures that the mechanical structure of the front side of the watch is not affected by other calendar Numbers.

The tuofei is usually at 6 o ‘clock, while the tuofei OTime-3 is between 11 o ‘clock and 12 o ‘clock. And unlike the traditional tourbillon, which turns in 60 seconds, it turns in 30 seconds. In theory, the tourbillon can make the watch run more accurately, but whether it does so depends on how it actually works.
The 6 o ‘clock position is not empty. There is a linear indicator of the time equation on it. The so-called time equation, is displays the true solar time and the difference between the mean solar time, in other words, just let us know accurate real time every day and we are now using how much error between 24 hours a day. In fact, it’s only 15 minutes faster or slower than the 24 hours we have today. As to how much difference, fast or slow, depending on the time of year. Most people don’t use the time equation, but it’s too complicated to be done by any brand.
Details of OTime-3 OTime-3 phases

Details of the moon
What really struck me about this watch was the back. If the front side of the OTime-3 is the embodiment of technology, the back side is the temple of glamour. The moon on the other side is big and special, which can seduce people. By the way, the OTime-3 is a tribute to the brilliant astronomer and physicist Galileo galilei.
OTime-3 OTime-3 table back figure

The watch has four days of power storage
Galileo used his own invention, the world’s first telescope, to observe the moon and its orbit. I think that alone put Galileo well ahead of most of his contemporaries. So Replica Dietrich watches pays homage to the Italian homestead by specifically incorporating the lunar feature into the wrist watch. This lunar phase is shown in a mechanical system of two superimposed turntables, which is very three-dimensional and accurate fo
The top wheel can indicate 24 hours, the sun stands for day, and the stars stand for night. In this way, the sun, moon and stars on the other side are all together. It not only gives people poetic imagination, but also gives the “tough guy” Replica Dietrich watches a tender feeling hidden in the heart. The wrist watch adopts p. 2005/GLS manual chain drive, with power storage up to four days. Waterproof 100 meters.

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