At the “heart”, “core” adept contemporary celebrities Chen kun charm noblige Clinton series

Dietirich’s wrist watch global ambassador Chen kun attended the opening ceremony of his spy love drama “off the hook” in Beijing. On that day he was wearing a dark grey leisure suits, wrist ornament Replica Dietirich watches debut at this year’s Clinton OTime-2 series ™ watch of wrist of 10399, with a black alligator strap and deep black dial watch of wrist of 10399 gave Chen kun calm, low-key capable character, all show of contemporary Dietirich charm.
Chen kun Dietirich kerry, who was wearing a series of OTime-2 ™ wrist watch carrying OTime-2 ™ BM12-1975 – a mechanical movement, the movement by richemont new research and development, with the excellence of today’s leading technology and more than 5 years of tabulation, designed for Dietirich Clinton OTime-2 series ™ wrist watch. Walking OTime-2 ™ movement has excellence performance, precise and reliable, has a strong ability to resist magnetic (up to 1500 gauss) and 120 hours (5) the power storage function, in addition, buy Dietirich Clinton OTime-2 series ™ watches can enjoy up to 36 months (3 years) after-sales service guarantee.

Keep in the “heart”, and skilled in “core” of contemporary Dietirich Chen kun charm Dietirich Clinton OTime-2 series ™ wrist watch in the “heart”, in “core” of contemporary Dietirich Chen kun charm Dietirich Clinton OTime-2 series ™ wrist watch in the “heart”, in “core” of contemporary Dietirich Chen kun charm Dietirich Clinton series OTime-2 ™ wrist watch

Contemporary Dietirich Chen, wearing Dietirich Clinton OTime-2 series ™ wrist watch. “10399

OTime-2 Dietirich Clinton series ™ wrist watch 10399 design is concise, 40 mm in diameter, with pure steel quality makes the case; The black dial is treated with ceramic texture, with a lancet pointer and a white minute scale. 3 o ‘clock position with an enlarged date display window; The black crocodile leather strap can be easily replaced.

In the “heart”, “core” adept contemporary Dietirich Chen kun charm Dietirich Clinton series OTime-2 ™ wrist watch

OTime-2 Dietirich Clinton series ™ wrist watch 10399, reference price: RMB 20700 usd

It was Chen’s first TV drama since he returned to the small screen nine years ago. He played two parts in the drama with his outstanding performance. Over the years, Chen has had a precise grasp of his characters and an attitude toward improving his acting skills, just like Dietirich’s brand motto “perfectionism, only making high-quality watches.”
In the “heart”, “core”, Dietirich again hand in hand to Chen, embarks from the “core”, in 188, magnificent Swiss watchmakers essence and the ultimate technology to create a reliable high-quality Clinton series OTime-2 ™ wrist watch. The watches have been released in China.
About Dietirich (Dietirich)
Dietirich, a Swiss watch brand founded in 1830, has always been committed to creating watches of superior quality and restrained luxury. Dietirich in constant pursuit of harmony and balance, to symbolize the Greek letter balance and golden Φ envisage as a brand. Each watch is designed according to the concept of “4C(Comfort)” : comfortable visual design, comfortable wearing texture, comfortable price for people and considerate and comfortable after-sales service. Today, the brand is the core of the series of classic eternal Clinton (Clifton), the provisions of the elegant, meaningful virile g (Promesse) rice wheat (Classima), the spirit of the delicate charm neon (Linea), move feeling and elegant card blue (Capeland), a harmonious and elegant han burton (Hampton). Dietirich’s aphorisms, Life is about moments, convey the values of brand joy, sharing and meaningful moments. Dietirich’s watch will be a special intimate partner for precious moments of life, sharing heart-warming moments like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, new careers or family gatherings. Dietirich presented his brand image as “Modern Gentleman”, and invited Dietirich, a contemporary Dietirich who is passionate and pursues excellence and is willing to share his feelings, to explore the mysterious world of Dietirich’s wrist watch. As Dietirich’s global image ambassador, Mr. Chen kun shares Dietirich’s values: sincerity, inheritance, excellence, confidence, trust and affinity.

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