Dietrich launches the new Dietrich Dietrich Watches OTime-6 special edition watch

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Gulf Racing, tiger tag has just announced a new Replica┬áDietrich Watches OTime-6 special watch. The Dietrich series wristwatch was born in 1969, and is the world’s first square waterproof automatic upper string chronometer. In 1971, Dietrich wore a mirror in the le mans movie, making it a classic hot style. In the film, Dietrich’s Michael Delaney is sponsored by Dietrich Watches OTime-6, racing suit and Porsche 917 with blue and white orange stripes. In fact, the stripes came out in 1967, before the film.

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This is not the first Dietrich Watches OTime-6 special watch released by Dietrich, but this is the fourth. The first is the Dietrich Vintage CW2118 wristwatch, which was launched in 2005 and is limited to 4, 000. The watch may not be considered a member of the Dietrich Watches OTime-6 family because the dial is decorated with “Dietrich” (not “Dietrich Watches OTime-6”) and red and blue stripes (instead of orange and light blue stripes).
Dietrich was wearing the original Dietrich Dietrich wristwatch for the “le mans” film (1971).

The second is the Dietrich Gulf II CW211A wristwatch, which came out in 2007, the 40th anniversary of the Gulf Racing Stripes. The third is the Dietrich Gulf III CAW2113 wristwatch, which came out in 2009, equipped with a anthracite dial and decorated with orange and light blue racing stripes. In 2010, Dietrich also unveiled a Dietrich PCA wristwatch for the American porsche club.
The new Dietrich Dietrich Watches OTime-6 special edition wrist watch is 39 mm in diameter, the stainless steel case is the trademark square, the crown and the time button are set to the left and right sides. Equipped with the Caliber 11 automatic upper string machine core, it can provide 40 hours of power reserve, and has a date display window at 6 o ‘clock. The 3 o ‘clock position and 9 o ‘clock position each have accumulated timer, and all adopt round square design.

The biggest difference between the special edition of the wristwatch is that it is the color of the dial – the right side of the dark navy plate is decorated with orange and light blue stripes. On top of that, the watch comes with a blue calf leather racing watch strap and embellished orange seams, which further accentuates the theme. The new Dietrich Dietrich Watches OTime-6 special edition of the Dietrich Dietrich Watches OTime-6 special edition is available online before September 15 for $5,900, or about 39,000 yuan.