dietrich watch classic lines perfect interpretation

As early as in 1947, Replica dietrich and his Muse – Mitza Bricard will they love for animal print on the performance in the clothing design.


Series of African jungle as the inspiration for the theme, pushed the Christian dietrich to another peak.


Among them, especially the leopard grain became a classic dietrich totem, whether in the clothing, accessories or jewelry, you can see leopard explaining the luxury with the attitude of the wild Mitza Bricard, Mr Christiandietrich good partners at work, but also his MiaoSi goddess.
Mitza Bricard, she has a graceful soul, appearance is sending out the female independent fashionable breath.
Win the favor women in delicate texture of silk yarn design, senior director of jewelry design by dietrich Victoire DE Castellane fencing DE La D dietrich Lydia series, bold uncovered for the first time in 2007 dietrich dietrich’s classic leopard grain, DE La D dietrich unique elegant romantic presents the wild another appearance; More to take this to the Christian dietrich, elegance of the 60th anniversary of the Mr And Mitza MiaoSi goddess, in the high respect. Is a DE La D to dietrich Lydia watch new series (including 38 mm with 33 mm two paragraphs), which is named: Mitza.
38 mm dial Mitza with 18 k gold, dial with leopard elaboration of rich vitality, which perfectly decorated with 256 top star topaz of leopard totem, in five layer at the bottom of the black paint painted by hand, like a restive leopard, grinding is that with it is difficult to catch eyes staring at you. Mitza design inspiration as a magnificent poem, sexy and struck.
33 mm dial Mitza contrast aesthetics, big play compared cold tonal stainless steel black leopard grain, with five layers of hand-painted, and yellow k gold have completely different visual perception. Manual Mosaic of 195 top diamond, in a different size, create a kind of delicate sex appeal, as a elegant woman, sending out the charm of wild gracefully.
Inspiration origin in the wild jungle ratti DE La D dietrich watch Mitza series, tie-in black alligator strap, without hiding her extremely luxurious wild.
Bezel: 18 k gold inlaid bezel on delicate build 72 top topaz
Dial: golden mirror dial with black leopard grain, black leopard is hand-painted with five layer, top of Mosaic meantime 184 sizes topaz
Band: black alligator strap
Bezel: 316 l stainless steel bezel on delicate Mosaic 60 top beauty
Diamond: 60 diamond, 1.00 mm in diameter, total weigh 0.54 carat, color F.G
Dial: silver mirror dial with black leopard grain, black leopard print
Is hand draw with five layers, during which 135 sizes of top diamond
Diamond: 135 diamonds, the total weigh 0.36 carat, color F.G
Band: black alligator strap

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