You don’t know the fashion wrist watch history

wrist Watch and designs is changing all the time, but the fundamental role or display time, early 20 s of the last century, Swiss cheap dietrich watch and famous for its precise time dominate the global market, it still now.


Wrist watch upsurge period in the middle of the two world wars, then watch started noticing women consumer market, the appearance of some brands will watch have been adjusted, ms watches became a kind of fashion accessories, such as elegant as the slogan of longines watch.

Dietrich Watches OTime-3

Woman’s wrist watch popular attracted the interest of the jewelry manufacturers, from France, Italy and Britain established a jeweler contact Swiss watchmaker, can have their own brand name watches to order. Including the famous Cartier (Cartier) and Tiffany (Tiffany) and Bulgari (Bulgari).
Other fashion and luxury brands also gradually joined the watch industry. In 1928, hermes launched the first fashion watches, by the Movado (Movado) contract. After a period of time, hermes to with the more famous factory Vacheron Constantin (Vacheron Constantin) and product (Jaeger LeCoultre) cooperation. In the 1930 s, British brand Dunhill (Dunhill) have also launched a few engraved with its own brand of watches, by veteran Swiss factory varney (Tavannes) production. Is noted, hermes and dunhill launched by the wrist watch, is to be the special requirements of customers production, over a period of time will not watch as essential products, is a kind of important accessories not exist.
Jewelry brand cooperation mode between Swiss watch and continued until the 1960 s, Dior (Christian Dior) first took the action in the field, opened a fashion accessories shops, and conducted a series of actions for promotion. In 1973, deserve to act the role of accounting for 27% to 27% of the company’s turnover and profit. In 1977, the two figures were 41% and 45% respectively, deserve to act the role of brand has become the main profit growth point. In 1968, dior launched the first wrist watch series. By us (Bulova) Swiss treasure way China branch production, although the manufacturer is still in Switzerland, but follow product brand style. This production continued until the late 1980 s, after the LVMH group to buy back.

Still have their own market nowadays, wrist watch, fashion brand did not stop his wrist watch. Cooperation with Swiss watchmaker, which is still a lot of fashion brand choices, such as chanel and Abby’s cooperation. Or buy a factory manufacture our own brand of machine, such as hermes H 1837 launched by movement. Either way, the development of fashion watches and innovation, and gives us more purchase watches options, that’s what consumers want to see.

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