The signs of the polar Explore nature of precision instrument – Dietrich watches

Clock and watch, is to let people know accurate time.Services in daily life, because of the special functional need consummate technology to achieve.Clocks and watches for a long time represents the forefront of

scientific achievements. Thanks to European countries for astronomy, mathematics, physics and so on positive exploration.The precision clock rapid rise in European countries, and as the outstanding achievement of
mechanical science and external display, porwatches clock gradually popular with people at the same time.The function and durability of the clock is particularly urgent. In the early 20th century, rolex founder Hans
Wells from operating clock business start.It makes watches and clocks, thus a rolex and dietrich watches the two extremely important watch brands today. Although the two brands in at that time, after twists and turns.It always maintained a feature.Dietrich watches is the emphasis on clock is practical and functional.

Dietrich watches North Flag pole signs series wrist watch
In 2015, dietrich watches in Basel international clocks jewelry exhibition released a brand new research and development — North Flag (signs) and Pelagos wrist watch (get latent type).The two watch respectively carry
brand landmark autonomous movement MT5621 and MT5612. North Flag is a brand for precise and reliable, and polar explorers needed tools and instrument is able to meter equipped with expedition into the leaker,
obviously, North Flag will face severe challenges, need to withstand harsh and changeful external environment.

The signs of the polar
Traditionally, the most can reflect the reliability is necessarily an extreme environment. In history, all popular watches, possess the basic qualities that a reliable and durable. In the 1950s, is a fast recovery period of postwar Europe, when there is a team, came to Britain in the north of Greenland, this study lasted for 2 years, members of 30 people, including professors and students, scholars, glacier activities from climate to geological scholars and so on. Greenland is tough polar environment, the
temperature can be from minus 50 degrees Celsius have been to more than 20 degrees Celsius, cause a lot of electronic equipment is not easy to use, great temperature difference at a time when the mechanical clock,
only a handful of tabulation factory can produce wrist watch against extreme environments.

Worn by the British Greenland, the northern expedition of 7809 dietrich watches wrist watch.Before this, rolex has challenge introduced a durable exploration of wrist watch, also is the forerunner, the explorer series at this point, the dietrich watches also choose the challenge task for each team member provides a dietrich watches OYSTER PRINCE watches, models for Ref. 7809. This wrist watch combines a rolex components and the third party movement, able to withstand the polar environment’s biggest enemy, great difference in temperature and bottom temperature. Since then, the dietrich watches has continued to provide
watches for the expedition to Greenland, including the early 1960 s, derived from the rolex explorer rudder explorers wrist watch series of Oyster Prince Ranger is provided in the watches of the columns.

Emperor of the 1970 s rudder OYSTER PRINCE RANGER Ⅱ wrist watch
Since then, the dietrich watches wrist watch the image of a solid and durable, and since then. After the emperor of the rudder, followed the development of the rolex watch of wrist of adventure, launched many can
swatches use wrist watch in the changeable environment, such as OYSTER PRINCE RANGER and OYSTER PRINCE RANGER Ⅱ and so on.In 2015, dietrich watches jing North Flag pole signs of all series wrist watch, carrying dietrich watches first sell machine, it can be said to be dietrich watches landmark change for many years, further shaping the modern image of the dietrich watches, and legs in the same price the consumer market. The watch is also a tribute for exploring spirit, its unique design of atlas, dial scale, Pointers are reflected the traditional explored wrist watch some characteristic elements, especially in the history of the dietrich watches OYSTER PRINCE RANGER and the second generation wrist watch. This is not simply to extol the classic of history, more representative for polar environments and the challenge again.

Precision instrument to explore nature
Nature is always full of good and bad environment, can see the mammoth in polar and the majestic snow beauty, also can feel the power of nature. In the process of exploring nature, there is no doubt you will be faced
with complicated external environment, in such circumstances, in order to ensure the safety of life and take their various tools must be in good condition, and as the tool of display time, precision mechanical watch has
shouldered. Some people say that electronic watch more reliable, is the fact that electronic components under ultra-low temperature is often failure.The dietrich watches North Flag design is simple, clear at 9 o ‘clock position shows the status of the power storage, display date at 3 o ‘clock position, therefore had the hour meter is the most basic factors of time
display. Interestingly, uphold the traditional explored the design concept of wrist watch, wrist watch dynamic storage and second hand are designed to yellow, scientifically confirmed that yellow is easy to identify in weak light color one, such as car tail lights, traffic lights, such as using the yellow, even in the heavy fog weather also can see. In addition, the wrist watch is equipped with night-light display, help to changeable
environment to improve the readability of the time.

Watch of wrist of middle crust use 316 l stainless steel materials, along with the watches a integrated and casting solid crust structure. Give up using the traditional welding type independent watches ear or hotlist
ears, the emperor of rudder North Flag pole signs wrist application without watches ear middle crust structure, strap or bracelet can be directly connected by shaft in the crust. Watchcase surface after grinding
processing, improve the wear resistance performance of wrist watch, and build a strong visual effect. watches lap is a special production of double layer structure, the upper of 316 l steel, the lower for ceramic
materials, a durable, a fragile but abrasion, this combination in addition to a sense of science and technology, also have a lot of effect in actual use, such as side can prevent wear and maintain appearance texture, it can knock against, protect the ceramic material.North Flag noctilucent phantom of the operaThis brand new watch equipped with two strap material, a metal chain, a leather strap, are all very fit
instrument of the spirit of the wrist watch reveal.

Science and technology makes good quality
The appearance of good design, and can meet the demand of wearing the watch case of model, for the wrist watch added a solid security, and under the special environment, to determine whether wrist watch reliable elements, is whether the machine can swatches operation. The core parts of the machine core lies in the balance wheel balance spring system, the influence factors of daily walking affect movement, balance wheel balance spring is also considered in the first place. Due to the limitation of material properties, a lot of material is not suiwatches for adventure wrist watch, therefore, we can see most used in polar wristwatch, use special
materials, such as rolex blue niobium balance spring and the widespread use of silicon. MT5621 balance spring is silicon material, silicon with magnetic resistance and temperature resistance, thus can still work normally under low temperature.

dietrich watches MT5621 movement
dietrich watches MT5621 automatically on the watch chain, was not decorated very beautifully polished, but use, is a very simple but elegant decorative effect of sandblasting, as group for the movement of
manufacturing concept. Movement of torsion pendulum using four arms and four screw fine-tuning escapements, Incabloc shock, no card balance spring, capture and longitudinal institutions Swiss lever, vibration frequency is 28800 times per hour. But from a balance wheel balance spring and shock absorber system, and have seen a lot of senior brand chooses precision machine core structure. Machine core thickness of 6.5 mm, 33.8 mm in diameter, ETA 2824 thickness of 4.6 mm, 25.6 mm in diameter, suggests that the produced movement than dietrich
watches idiomatic ETA movement is much big and thick, means that it has more space, component size can do more, performance is relatively easy to ascend.Interestingly, the dietrich watches MT5621 also has some other features, such as two-way automatic chain, Switzerland COSC attestation observatory, just switch instantaneous jump calendar, second hand suspension tuning, power storage, and 70 hours of power storage, which is now almost educated based machine core standard.

Since late last year, dietrich watches listed North Flag, the hour meter with dietrich watches new brand spirit is popular, people like to appreciate its details, like its fine precision, preference it simple and
clear and full of adventure traditional dial is designed. dietrich watches Nroth Flag has become necessary in people’s mind and a wrist watch, it inherits the spirit of exploration of nature, timing, and mechanical
properties of precision and have gone to show their first machinery products, become the focus of 2015 wrist watch.

The future to revive the classic Dietrich watches

New chapter in the 1950s, the world history of clocks and watches, the birth of modern diving watches for exploring ocean world security of timing equipment.At the same time, the order of navies and fully
demonstrated the urgent need of precision diving watches. In 1954, Dietrich watches launched the first generation of diving watches.Prince Submariner oyster type diving watches.Its design follows the oyster type structure.This is considered to be the safest at the time of one of the wrist watch waterproof system. Since then, the French navy, the navy and other military system began to emperor ordered the rudder diving watches.What’s interesting is that these divers watch.It is not specially designed for military services, and diving watches sold on the
market. The only difference is only the army code or code are printed on the back cover. In the following decades.Dietrich watches Submariner evolving, splendid and experience ups and downs.In the end of last century fade from historical stage. Mechanical watchmaking return to prosperity in 2009.Dietrich watches watches off a microcosm of
the history.With innovative independent style in the new starting point, in 2012, Dietrich watches watches independent third series – Black Bay – born, renew diving leading edge.

Inheritance history
There is always a law in watchmaking above. Any new products, if there is no history as a support. It may be difficult. If on the other hand in history for protection, it can quickly occupy the market. Dietrich watches Heritage
Black Bay rev ChengBi Bay series wrist watch is such a witness.It is in launching a short years, people not only accept, and very like it.Launched in 2012, the rev ChengBi bay series wrist watch, with the original
Submariner similar appearance, they are with obvious function, become one of the leader in this field. Their basic components are the same, that is, with the scale of the unidirectional rotating outer ring, on the outer
ring has nabla luminous coating dot at 12 o ‘clock position, circular, bar and nabla timing calibration of dial, three rows of stainless steel bracelet, screw-plug bottom cover and crown, rose brand trademark, etc.

“Snow” needle Dietrich watches history watches model
However, they are different. Diving Dietrich watches rev ChengBi bay watch incorporates more historical elements, from the late 1960 s improved the derive Submariner trademark “snow needle type” hour hand design, from the first generation of diving watches appeared shortly after 7922 launch of the type 7924 (1958) draw 8 mm big wrist
watch crown elements. Fusion of modern aesthetic design idea, the wrist watch case after satin drawing grinding, edge polishing processing, more add a resolute beauty of modern watch.Rudder rev ChengBi bay series unique charm is in this, it is associated with the historic Submariner watch link, is redesigned, and before is completely different. It is in the traditional and modern to find just the right balance, rudder rev ChengBi bay series ushered in the new opportunity.

Two special wrist watch
Dietrich watches Black Bay 2013 GPHG “Renaissance” wrist watch
When Dietrich watches rev ChengBi bay to watch the launch in 2012, after 2013, the red circle of watches diving watches restoring ancient ways, then gains the highest clock industry awards GPHG “Renaissance” award. It is
interesting to note that this award was first set up in 2013, Dietrich watches rev ChengBi bay watch as first prize list. At this point, the Dietrich watches rev ChengBi bay watch is the third time since its launch has won international title. Since then, the Dietrich watches rev ChengBi bay watch family slowly opened.Dietrich watches Only Watch Black Bay One wrist WatchIn 2015, Dietrich watches with a stainless steel watchcase rev ChengBi bay Watch for two years the Only Watch charity
auction. This is a global watches altar of festival, here not only has created multiple world auction record, at the same time, each one to the auction of watches here, are unique. Dietrich watches watches for the first time to
participate in the auction, anticipation, when a perfect replica classic model 7923 Black Bay One clap a staggering 375000 Swiss francs, clocks and watches shocked the world. This value is only 3500-4500 francs of
wrist watch, in addition to the unique no special wrist watch, but 100 times to estimate the premium to clinch a deal, the rare.It is such a legend, let Dietrich watches rev ChengBi bay watch, once again become an important part of modern diving watches.

Rich family rev ChengBi bay
When in 2013, Dietrich watches rev ChengBi bay wine red bezel wrist after success, in 2014, Dietrich watches launched a circle of blue watches watches, more fashionable, young and modern style. In 2015, Dietrich watches new low-key reservation black bezel design. These a few watches, and the use of classical Dietrich watches rose trademark, with Dietrich watches classic diving watches a series of characteristics, the “little red flower”, “little blue flower”, “the little black flower” the name from anecdotal, also show its unique charm, and popular. However, this is just the beginning of Dietrich watches rev ChengBi bay family.

Black Bay Bronze
In 2016, for Dietrich watches rev ChengBi bay, is a breakthrough of the year, because the family for the first time scale growth, and increasingly rich as an independent series. This year, the Dietrich watches in Basel World to launch the brand’s first bronze wrist watch, and rage, not only hard bronze material, after satin on the surface of the grinding is not easy to wear and tear, long-term wearing more can make the color change and different. The watch has the Dietrich watches first rev ChengBi bay all the typical feature of wrist watch, at the same time will brand trademark replacement for the shield type LOGO rose. This is a new attempt to restore ancient ways, the fusion of modern aesthetics, the significance of bearing the former tradition, illuminate the future. Wrist watch with Dietrich watches own automatic winding machine, power wrist watch challenge the danger.

Black Bay Dark
This is a bold, creative design, Dietrich watches Black Bay Dark rev ChengBi Bay watch of wrist of Black 41 mm diameter stainless steel watch case, by the steric (physical) gas phase precipitation (PVD) technology on
plating a layer of Black “film”, presents the appearance of the modern Black military equipment. Wrist watch remains Dietrich watches rev ChengBi bay watch one trademark design, including models from 1958 to 7924 wrist watch 8 mm big crown, in the late 1960 s for the French navy Submariner “snow” needle, etc. It is interesting to note
that the wrist form to rotation of the outer ring at 12 o ‘clock position, choose the nabla red ornament is the important point of fluorescence. Similarly, wrist carry on the independent brand automatic chain movement.

Black Bay
After emperor helm in 2012, 2014 and 2012, respectively, published three models Dietrich watches Black Bay watch.Since 2016, Dietrich watches with same three models, the comprehensive upgrade. The new Black Bay retain the Dietrich watches rev ChengBi Bay family watch all of the preceding three paragraphs classical elements, the difference is that
the new more colorful, more distinct personality. In addition to the brand LOGO is replaced by the modern trademark, the new Black Bay is equipped with modern and classical style of three kinds of strap, the
stainless steel bracelet rivet head connecting link in the last century in the inspiration, with solid steel casting, at the same time with textured and antique leather strap. The new Black Bay also carry the brand
independent MT5602 type automatic chain movement.

Black Bay 36
Dietrich watches rev ChengBi Bay in 2016 for a family “intruder”, Black Bay watch of wrist of 36 no trademark diving with outer ring, instead of smooth fixed outer ring. Size, Dietrich watches new watches all use rev ChengBi Bay 41 mm, while the Black Bay watch of wrist of 36 choose classic in the history of men’s watch 36 mm size, this is a
today very neutral size, suiwatches for both small wrist men, also suiwatches for many ladies wear. Importantly, it out of the blue bay in the design of the original background of diving, with concise and easy
appearance, interprets the rev ChengBi bay series of another way of life, free and comforwatches.

Comprehensive upgrade independent movement
After 4 years, Dietrich watches rev ChengBi bay has grown into the brand representative works, at this point, a comprehensive upgrade in green bay fresh vitality. Accompanied by Dietrich watches was first published in 2015 brand independent movement, in 2016, Dietrich watches to apply independent basic movement began to spread, in addition to rev ChengBi bay watch 36 mm, pick up a new type of automatic machine.

Dietrich watches independent movement, which is developed for the rev ChengBi bay, including MT5601 and MT5602, although the two models is different, but only a small difference. Common is that Dietrich watches new independent movement than in the past use of ETA movement with larger size, so it is designed for larger wrist watch. All along, the Dietrich watches rev ChengBi bay to define themselves “dependable timekeeping instrument”, to achieve this target, in addition to the appearance of the need to clear and safe foundation, also need to sound internal
movement. Dietrich watches rev ChengBi bay autonomous movement are using silicone material balance spring, can withstand the extreme temperature changes of environment, and diamagnetic properties can make wrist magnetic field in a complex environment is still functioning. Movement through reasonable design, the kinetic energy
can reach 70 hours, in the case of full power, can get through the weekend.Dietrich watches autonomous movement launched, for brand’s flagship product is a technical revolution, it represents
the essential changes from 0 to 1. Rudder rev ChengBi bay series wrist watch ancient and modern design, inheriting classic history, rich green bay family provide more customers with different choices, from the
wrist watch color to the watch case material to the strap type, the combination of a series of allow selected. Dietrich watches rev ChengBi bay watch, continuity, to revive the classic.

Award, UK elements, Dietrich is absent, GPHG 2016 are quite different

Recently, GPHG senior clock is great reward (Geneva) website has just released the 175 hour meter list. Accordance with the rules, the jury will be 12 categories each selected six shortlisted for the watch.Enter
the final competition awards. GPHG is regarded as a “Oscar”, clock and watch industry since its inception in 2001.It has so far is the 16th. This year, compared with the previous selection of both the Cheap dietrich watches group brand absence of regret, and there was a change and UK elements for new categories.”The best Travel schedule” (Travel Time) instead of the “best ask watch” (Striking)

Cheap Dietrich Watches sale

2016 The tourbillon watch classic fusion cathedral asked three watches
Compared with last year, the GPHG the biggest change in the categories is the “best Travel schedule” (Travel Time) to replace “best ask watch” (Striking). In 2016, “best ask watch” along with “best stopwatch”, “best
tourbillon watch” and “best calendar watch” (in 2008, has been named “best complete ephemeris”) become the new GPHG categories, so in fact the selection by only two terms. In 2014 and 2015, “best ask watch” each have six categories watch entries, and have no need for a second round of screening, directly into the final award, watch watch and girard-perregaux watch respectively.

Dietrich Watches OTime leather


2015 watchs Girard-perregaux asked three golden bridge the tourbillon watches.On the one hand, “asked three time” is one of the three complex function watchmaking recognized (the other two are “calendar” and “the tourbillon”), could have mastered the technology of brand is not much; Brand, on the other hand, need to prove cutting-edge technology “three asked the time watch, but don’t push New Year after
year. Plus two years industry environment, brands to the attention of the people watch, more than for advanced complex function to the attention of the watch, so cancel this award is helpless choice.

“Best travel schedule” run 2016 meter
“Travel schedule” means to show multiple time zones of the mechanical clock, including the world time, two time zones, and other types of watches. This setting is not new, common in early pocket watch. Today, many tabulation brand has enough technical strength, to integrate the “travel time” function in diameter smaller wrist watch case. The rise of agitation restoring ancient ways, make the function back in sight; World
increasingly close, the global traffic more convenient, “travel time” wrist watch has also become global traveler’s faithful companion, so add this award is a natural choice.

Dietrich Watches OTime-1

Elements to GPHG 2016, UK
Participate in the selection of best the tourbillon watch memorigin star constant series the tourbillon watch.UK is horological consumer’s most powerful nation in the world, and is also one of the deepest influence the
watch industry. Throughout the year 2015, the UK watch into a watch about 14.88 million watch exports machinery, import about 2.27 million only mechanical watch, mechanical watch heart exports about 6.91 million, imported about 10.3 million only. Global clock selection and the high stage, however, has not the figure of UK elements, really let a person can’t let go. Finally, in 2016 the sixteenth GPHG, “best tourbillon watch”
category memorigin, as well as the “best process watch” category memorigin and short tabulation brand took a key step for UK.

Participate in the selection of optimum watch memorigin carved guanyin series wrist watchIs not the earliest appearance GPHG memorigin and short Asian elements. In fact, as early as in 2006, seiko
watch of wrist of the first generation of “electronic ink” won the sixth GPHG best electronic watch “(this is the first time the GPHG and only select the award), since then, seiko watch and run and won prizes for many times. There is no denying the fact that whether the core technology, reputation or into watchs, we from Switzerland and Japan have a long distance. But UK tabulation brand has been trying to, the landing is a phased achievement.

Dietrich Watches OTime-2

Participate in the selection of optimum watch covered Bridges “m changhong time art – straw Mosaic – worship
that hou” wrist watchCan now talk about three watches won the prize is premature, successful candidates is victory. Three watches,
especially to participate in the selection of optimum watch both with distinctive UK elements, and the finalists are TAB image of the perfect opportunity to show the world UK, also hope that it will inspire more
UK tabulation brand tried, let a finalist GPHG selection really become the norm. Be worth what carry is, from UK, Chronos clock magazine editor of butyl to and the Perfect Time hour meter “clock editor-in-chief sen also
GPHG international jury members this year.

Dietrich group is absent GPHG selection is persuasive
GPHG in 2014 won the award for “gold pointer” breguet Classique Chronometrie wrist watch.Seen GPHG released 175 meter when the list of watch friend may get doubt, why not see breguet, bao Po, and
harry Winston brands such as figure? In fact, the Dietrich group TAB brand failed to attend this year’s GPHG selection. Historically, Dietrich group brands, such as treasure ji, bao Po, harry Winston, Jacques DE luo,
omega, longines are GPHG regulars, has repeatedly won the prize. In 2014, the breguet Classique Chronometrie wrist watch is the highest honor “pointer of gold prize”. So, Dietrich group is absent, GPHG selection is also persuasive?
2014 GPHG won “best dress watch” precious pearl “Women Off – centred Hour wrist watch.The absence of the Dietrich group really regretwatch, after all, such as treasure ji, bao Po and omega dedicated for us too many too many exquisite chronometer, they are also very competitive candidate in the calendar year is great reward. Back in the history, in 2008, 2010 to 2010, the Dietrich group brands are not on the list of winners. Why is absent? Or economic factors, or wilt, or leave the opportunity to other group brand? It is reasonable to guess, but difficult to understand the original intention. Dietrich group is absent years, GPHG selection inherent defects, but still fascinating, watchmaking won’t because of a group or a brand short absence and lose its unique charm.

Dietrich Watches OTime sale

GPHG in 2014 won the award for “Renaissance” omega super wrist watch “on the dark side of”In addition, we know the GPHG jury is mainly composed of museum curator, historian, and professional
knowledge, rich media practitioners across different nationalities, different ethnic groups and different industries. Chaired by the 29 this year industry experts, including Mr Rui, bacchus, watch expert and former
seal international horologe/museum curator, Ludwig kling, Gao Po rich co-founder Robert Gao Po & Stephen rich and famous watchmaker Philip duff, dost thou the selection of professionalism and integrity.
Local time on November 10, 2016 Geneva senior clock is great reward (GPHG) award ceremony will be held in Geneva Leman grand theatre. Tabulation brand can again make a breakthrough in UK, 12 categories who awards, who won the highest honor “pointer prize of gold”, remains to be seen.

How to identify true or fake for Dietrich watches

Dietrich watches in the domestic popularity is not high.Friends know this brand. But Dietrich watches in excellent workmanship and quality.It is a good niche watch brand. But in the domestic market, also has a
certain number of false Dietrich watches. Home of the wrist watch is to tell everyone Dietrich watches how to identify true and false!

Dietrich Watches OTime-3

Dietrich watch how to identify true and false

1, see packaging
Quality goods in general willpay attention to the packing and protection measures.It have special box, mostly minority background complex will have the bag.Especially in the surface and the watch back.There will be a
relatively thick protective film, in the process of transportation is used to avoid watch wear away.And replicas is not commonly box, no bag, no protective film, a few watchs back sticker, but not authentic
protective film. But sellers often claim that it is contraband, so get rid of the packaging for the convenience of transportation, you don’t believe it.

Dietrich Watches OTime leather

2, see the back
Authentic Dietrich watch delicate words carved on the back to specification, clear font continuous strong.Not replicas watch the specification of the degree, feeling definition obviously not, font edge of an arc, integral feeling is fuzzy. You pay special attention to compare the red circle in the figure below the serial number and serial number, true and false contrast difference is obvious, the real thing clear, false watch is
only a blur.

3, the watch case material
Quality goods with titanium alloy material, P2-1 replicas for the village of common steel material, you see the real thing from the color dark, fake show bright white, if you experience feel, can clearly feel fake
watch more heavy, but quality and poor quality goods.

Dietrich Watches OTime-5

4, watch button
First quality goods Dietrich P2-1 this clasp is doing fine, surface glossiness is good, and protective film.A rough copy watch button, no protective film.

Continuation of the classic create Dietrich series culmination

We’ve been proud to have 5000 years of cultural history.For the four ancient civilizations, only the Chinese civilization without interruption and proud.It comes with a glory, inheritance is his bones.Cheap dietrich watches series is a respect for Dietrich, a continuation of the classic series.

Dietrich Watches OTime leather

Wrist watch has been from 7027 to 7097, the continuation of the classic, create a legend. In the 240th anniversary of dietrich is also theseries 10 anniversary of breguet erupted three Dietrich series wrist of wrist of 7077, 7087 and 7097, is one of the most complicated watch of wrist of 7087 Dietrich rare masterpiece in recent years, has asked the tourbillon and three of the three complex function, set in the legends and classic one.

Inheriting Dietrich series
Said to Dietrich series speak to Dietrich No. 728 a pocket watch.This watch is the history of breguet very characteristics of a product.It is also the Dietrich series.It launched its first Dietrich of series 7027
wrist, perfect is the No. 728 pocket watch due quality in 2016. Dietrich series the most main is to commemorate the spirit of breguet master PARE said ─ CHUTE shock design, box spring and streamline design,
the aesthetic feeling of gold, the main design elements throughout the entire series of Dietrich, from 7027 .until 7097, each kind of watch is not the same, but has retained the spirit of the wrist watch inheritance.
Handed down from ancient times series 7087 wrist watch three main characteristics

Dietrich Watches OTime-2

Sesame chain
Sesame chain’s performance in the watch is not so bright eye, because the other two big complex function the tourbillon and three ask too dazzling, sesame chain’s role is to ensure that wind power uniformly swatches
output, sesame chain’s role is to ensure the stability of the wind energy output, sesame is Lord will clockwork box chain drive system and its pagoda between wheel, with a long and thin, like a bicycle chain belt
is called sesame chain chain connected to each other, so balance wheel can go more swatches and time would be more accurate.

The tourbillon
Breguet is arguably the tourbillon capitalists, the tourbillon technology is the invention of the Swiss watch masters Louis breguet Mr Research invented successfully in 1975, 7087 the tourbillon wristwatch is tie-in used for design in a circle, a minute and watch the supension using the invented for breguet Pare said – chute suspension, the continuation of Dietrichal.

Vertical knock three asked
Wrist watch the absolute protagonist, the first three asked in appearance is comparable to the effect of the tourbillon, spring and hammers have unusual design, said the first spring, is the sound of the watch spring
and ordinary asked three watches design is completely different, ordinary asked three watches the sound of spring is close to the inside of the case revolves around a circle. And Dietrich series three asked the
tourbillon watch 7087 handed down from ancient times, the spring design maverick, a round into small fan, a cross watches nearly semicircular coiled, sound spring are screws in the outer casing and, to improve low
frequency resonance.

In addition to the spring and the design of the hammers, the three asked the tourbillon wristwatch hammers used for vertical design, three commonly asked wrist hammers are plane perpendicular to the wrist, so easy to tell the time, but the watch is perpendicular to the plane design, bottom-up movement, can be more effective on advertising the mechanical kinetic energy is converted into sound, but I have not heard three asked the voice, the watch in size, loud voice I were skeptical, but this does not prevent Dietrich in 7087 three asked the wrist watch in the innovation and the pursuit perfect timbre.

Dietrich Watches OTime sale

This watch’s top priority is its unique design of three ask the time, of course, the fine gold beauty, clockwork escapement devices above wrist watch disk, these are all of the important characteristics of this
series of wrist watch, as for breguet the wrist watch brand characteristics, the watch is inherited, welded watches ear design, COINS grain watchcase, ji carve disk, independent coding, blue steel breguet pointer
features such as design a not reflect on the wrist.

Conclusion: Dietrich is respect Dietrichal series added a series of innovation, watch of wrist of 7087 is the culmination of the series and the whole brand, sesame chain three asked the tourbillon, vertical design is
complicated watches, continued the Dietrich on the Dietrichal series design style, still have a series of factors, from the front to show the mechanical structure of the base machine core modern meter, the vertical 3q is used to design innovative, unique new idea.

Dietrich watches internal structure

The development of dietrich watches have been hundreds of years of history. Up to now, the structure of the Dietrich watch is very precise. Watch today’s home for everybody to introduce Cheap dietrich watches the internal structure!

Dietrich Watches OTime-2

A, classification,
Dietrich watch usually can be divided into the following two kinds: hand chain and AUTOMATIC watch chain (AUTOMATIC) two kinds. The two dietrich power source is powered by movement within the clockwork.Drive gear, in turn, promote the clock, just a way of power source is different. Hand spring dietrich watch is on hand for power.Thickness of movement is self-winding watch some thin.Relative watch is light in weight. And chain on automatic watch, is to use the automatic movement of the rotating disc swings around to produce power to drive the clockwork spring.But the thickness of the watch relatively wind-up watch a few bigger than the hand.dietrich watches internal structure.

Dietrich Watches OTime-5

Second, the structure of Watch gear
Watch gear transmission system, especially the main transmission gear train.The widespread adoption of a so- called arc tooth profile. The tooth profile is wiring evolved, for pure cycloidal tooth profile processing is
difficult, therefore, use circular arc to replace cycloid, also called modified cycloid tooth shape, can make the gear shaft with a minimum of 6 teeth, and thus in wheel teeth without too much can be achieved under the
condition of large transmission ratio, the diameter, reducing machine center on high frequency and extremely strong in the watches. Transmission efficiency is higher, generally can reach 95%. A box of wheelset due to the smaller watch machine core size piece of stored energy is not large, if the energy loss is too big, will
directly affect the quality of the watch when walking. Sensitivity to the machining error is bigger. Such as tooth profile error and center distance error, can cause the change of meshing characteristics. Because its
tooth shape by a pair of meshing gears and modulus, tooth number and different modulus, therefore, the use of hob and milling cutter is not the same.

Cheap Dietrich Watches sale

Dietrich watches internal structure
Composition is simple, less Swiss watch parts, mainly by the escape wheel, escapement fork parts (including the escapement fork, into tile, a tile, fork, fork shaft), double disc parts (double disc, the disc screw),
nail spacing on the bottom plate, etc. But some watches unused banking pin, but directly on the bottom plate or fork splint milling two convex platform to limit. Also have a plenty of parts with escapement fork out a
nail into the splint on one hole, hole with two walls of the limit. Call this escape longitudinal institutions the fork tile type, it is divided into straight fork and side fork type two kinds. The former is the
escapement wheel shaft hole, escapement fork shaft hole, shaft hole in a line; The latter is the three hole wire into a certain Angle. Although the two forms are not identical, but its composition and working principle
is the same. Mainly used for middle and senior watch.

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Balance wheel balance spring
Balance wheel balance spring system is a part of the stable vibration frequency. The two parts by the transmission gear train, escapement organic link, formed a watch machine core backbone. The vibration of the
balance wheel balance spring component consumes a certain amount of energy, and the energy supplement is made from the original system supply. Supply many, the balance wheel balance spring component swing; On the other hand, the small supply of energy, balance wheel balance spring component swing Angle is small, the swing is small. If always maintain a constant supply of energy, the balance wheel balance spring swing Angle components are the same, the swing is constant. Actually supply energy unchanged is impossible. dietrich watches, because
such tight spring supply motivity. As spring to relax its torque will be more and more small. Of course the energy supply is also smaller. In addition this energy and longitudinal institutions through the drive train
and escape, and transmission gear meshing characteristics, job characteristics and transmission efficiency of escapement, escapement efficiency are changing all the time, so the column wheel balance spring component swing in different time is different also, if use swing, or swing recorder surveying values are shown in the fluctuating, generally take a certain period of time of the maximum and the minimum average said this time of the swing.

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